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Las Vegas is the only place in this world where impulsive marriages take place everyday, anytime of the year. It has the largest wedding industry where 100,000 weddings take place every year. Naturally, most of the couples are in an inebriated state when they get married and they do not even recognize the person they wake up with the next morning. Annulment is an ideal option for such couples who get drunk as a skunk and get married just for the fun of it.

An annulment in Las Vegas is a revocation or cancellation of the marriage citing the conditions in which the couple got married and proving the marriage as non-existent in the eyes of the law.

Qualifications for Las Vegas Annulment:

A couple is entitled to file for Las Vegas annulment if:

  • they are the residents of Nevada for at least six weeks before the filing of the annulment petition
  • they got married in Las Vegas even if they are not the residents of the state of Nevada
  • one of the spouses is in the military and the military state of record is Nevada

Grounds for Las Vegas Annulment:

There are few specified grounds for Las Vegas annulment as defined by the statute of Nevada. These grounds are divided in three categories. These categories are as follows:

  • Void Marriage - The marriage was invalid right from its conception due to conditions such as incest, bigamy, underage spouses, etc.

  • Lack of Consent - The parties are not in the condition to consent for a marital union due to intoxication, insanity, underage, mental instability, etc.

  • Dishonesty - The marriage has taken place by keeping one of the partners in dark by concealing important factors such as habitual substance abuse, mental illness, impotency, criminal record, etc.

Let's have a detailed look at these grounds:

  • Intoxication - If the couple is totally under influence while getting married and they testify it they can get an annulment. They need to provide the witnesses of their marriage. Being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other medications can cause a serious error of judgment and thus renders the marriage void.

  • Incestuous Marriage - If the husband and wife are half or full blood relatives such as parent-child, siblings, cousins or step-relatives who are related by blood, the relationship is considered as illegal and voidable. Thus, the marriage is annulled on the grounds of incest which is a punishable offense in the USA.

  • Minor Spouse - If one of the spouses in underage and has been through marriage due to force, coercion, pressure or sheer impulse, the marriage is considered as void ab initio and nullified on the grounds of underage spouse. Marrying before the legal age is illegal in the USA.

  • Incompetency - If a spouse is unable to provide for the household expenses or take care of the education of the children and the basic necessities of the family, he / she is considered as incompetent. Caring for the family and providing their basic necessities are the important factors in a marital relationship and each spouse is responsible to the contribution.

  • Fraud - Concealment of important factors which seriously affect the marital relationship such as mental illness, children from a previous relationship or marriage, substance abuse, criminal record such as conviction of felony or incarceration or even different sexual orientation along with sadomasochism constitutes fraud.

  • Impotency - Inability to consummate the marriage because of various reasons such as mental illness, sexual orientation, fetishism, sterility, etc. is considered as impotency and is one of the major factors binding a couple into a marital bond. Thus, it is considered as one of the main grounds for Las Vegas annulment.

A Las Vegas annulment renders marriage as non-existent and the spouses can retain their pre-marital status. A copy of marriage certificate is needed to be provided to the court as a proof that you really got married and want an annulment.

Unsurprisingly, at a place like Las Vegas, which is thronged with single party goers who get drunk and get married, annulment is not uncommon.

The petition needs to be filed at the county courthouse and it takes 3 weeks for the annulment to be granted if both the spouses sign the petition. If only one spouse files it, it may take nearly two months to complete the process.

The cases of annulment are not new to the churches and priests of Las Vegas. There are almost half the cases of people getting married there filing for an annulment.

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