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Children and Divorce Questions regarding how the divorce would affect the personal life

From past several decades, most of the marriages in the US are ending up with a legal process called divorce. A divorce process is comprised of a definite set of legal formalities that are mainly decided as per the circumstances or marital issues that exist between both the spouses. It is observed that many divorce cases that happen between couples have dependent children. A case where both the parents are going through their divorce process may greatly affect the emotional state of the child. Apart from emotional disturbance, a child may undergo a complete change in their lifestyle. As a result, several types of queries and questions can be raised into their minds. However, their concerns may vary as per the age of the child. Therefore, here we are highlighting some specific set of questions generally asked by children during the divorce process of their parents.

Divorce Questions on Children on how the divorce would affect their personal life

Divorce can severely put its impact on children's mind. Children can get affected in a major way, especially in terms of doing lots of adjustments in their day-to-day life. Seeing their parents getting a divorce is itself a huge traumatized condition for the children as both the parents carry equal importance for them. Children usually ask the following questions to their parents. The questions are about how the divorce would impact their personal lives.

  • Are you angry at me?
  • Is it my fault that you are being divorced?
  • Will all the people around us know about it?
  • Will my friends know about it?
  • What should I tell my friends?
  • Where will my stuff be placed?
  • Will I have 2 bedrooms in both the houses of my separated parents?
  • Do I need to change my school?
  • Will I have to move out of this house?
  • Where will my brother and sister stay?
  • Will I be separated from my siblings?
  • Can I stay with my brother and sister?
  • Will I need to leave the state?
  • Where will my father be shifted finally?
  • Where will my mother be shifted finally?
  • Can I stay away from either of my two parents?

Children and Divorce Questions asked to the departing parent

Children usually have quite a strange experience when either of two parents decides to leave the house after final legal separation between them. Here we are listing a set of possible questions that can be asked especially to a non-custodial parent from their children.

  • Will you still love me?
  • How frequently will I be meeting you?
  • Will we remain close in the future?
  • Will you come to see how I play in baseball games, soccer games etc?
  • Will you drive me to visit my friends?
  • When I come to your house, can I see my old friends?
  • Can I leave some of my stuff in your house?
  • Will I be given a room in your house?
  • Can I stay overnight in your house?
  • Will I be able to meet you?
  • Where will you stay?

Questions that arise among Children owing to worries from parent's divorce

  • Will we become poor?
  • Will I be able to meet and talk with all my relatives?
  • Do I have to take somebody's side?
  • Did I behave in a faulty manner?
  • How should I answer my friends?
  • Can I speak over the phone with daddy and / or mummy when I feel so?
  • Can I see daddy and / or mummy when I want to?
  • Can I decide when and where I want to live?
  • Who will take my responsibility?

Divorce Questions regarding children asked by parents to counselors

  • What steps should I take to ease my children during the divorce phase?
  • My child has little reaction to our divorce. Does this imply that the child is performing fine?
  • What information should I divulge to my children?
  • How should I speak with my children?
  • How can I help my child while dealing with emotional disturbance in their mind?

During every divorce process, several queries and questions may raise in the minds of each and every individual involved in the process. Apart from divorcing spouses, other family members especially children, are found to have several doubts and questions regarding their parent's separation and its affect on their requirements and usual lifestyle.

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