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The entire divorce process creates a severe disturbance in the lives of spouses and their family as well. Divorce is basically a legal process that takes place to terminate a marriage legally. . However, divorce with the involvement of dependent children is one of the major sections, which need careful consideration, in most of the states in the US. Tremendous change has been observed in the behavior of the child who witnesses their parent's divorce process. In most of the cases, children end up with the feeling of hatred and dishonored behavior for their parents. On the other side, such behavior shown by the children do not justify the commandments mentioned in the bible. As a result, a kind of contradiction or say confused situation may arise due to the complicated legal processes observed in the society.. At the same time, the fourth commandment of bible mainly reflects the appropriate condition or behavior on the basis of which a parents and children relation should be maintained.

Some authorities have conducted informal conversations as well as formal interviews with several Christian divorce children. During these interactions, the authorities ask these Christian children to express their comments regarding the commandments, and to honor one's mother and father and / or the particular biblical passages like the parable of the Prodigal Son. It has been concluded that the mode in which religious leaders approach these texts and the responses of these children have been grossly different.

Christian Divorce Children and the Fourth Commandment

Before analyzing the various incidents regarding child's reaction on their parent's divorce, it is highly important to first know about the fourth commandment defined in the bible. The fourth commandment basically highlights information that is all about respect, duties and support given to the parents from their children's side. As a result, responsibilities and duties of a child towards his or her loving parents in every unfavorable situation is the major point emphasized in this section.

A religious authority made a ministry student to comment on the Fourth Commandment. She replied that this commandment meant nothing to her. She never looked up to her parents as idols of authority. The image this student had in mind was that her parents were totally fallible human beings. However, this student could not decide whether she had developed this opinion due to the divorce of her parents or because of some other reason.

A Roman Catholic reflected that if a child is a believer as well as a kid of divorce, then it is essential that this child contemplates the Fourth Commandment. Such a child must find answers to the following questions.

  • Did the parents honor you?
  • Did the parents honor each other?
  • Did the parents ask you prior to finalization of the decision to divorce?

Another Catholic child disclosed the following information to a religious authority. This Catholic had a tough time with the Commandment. He loved his parents and honored them. However, he had noticed that his parents performed actions that he did not believe in. The parents were involved in some actions that made the child very angry. He couldn't honor such actions.

There was a very spiritual young man who acknowledged that the Fourth Commandment made considerable sense for him. However, he said that if one's parents are not honorable people, they should not be honored.

The Biblical story of the exile

This story is a theological allegory that grossly explains the complicated experience of children of divorce. By reading this story, one can understand that divorced parents are very busy in rebuilding personal lives. At the same time, the children of divorce feel downgraded to the margins. The divorced parents continue with novel spouses, lovers and / or jobs. Simultaneously, the children do not get the attention from the parents that was felt in the past. Just how the Israelites struggled with exile, these children suffer a mysterious range of emotions.

The biblical story does not terminate with exile. God has promised to deliver from isolation, to restore a sense of wholeness and finally a return home.

Steps taken by churches for children of divorce

Generally, professionals associated with church try to implement all possible ways to help those children who are going through the stressful situations like seeing their own parents being separated from each other on legal basis. Such children can face severe emotional disturbance and it is really tough for them to accept such changes in their lives. Therefore, the church used to provide various ways or perform activities for the sufferers, which are mentioned below:

  • Liturgy
  • Counseling
  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Reaching into the Community

All the above functions greatly help the children to withstand the stressful situation associated with their parent's divorce process. Hence, it can be said that children must consider the commandments and try to balance their emotional state and behavior towards their parents.

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