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Divorce is considered to be a devastating process which ends up with severe stressful conditions in a spouse's life. A divorce process entails definite set of legal formalities as per the concerned state laws and rights. However, apart from legal proceedings, the spouse may need to face some additional consequences of a divorce process into their personal lives. One of the major impacts of divorce can be seen among young children who are present during the divorce proceedings of their parents. Adequate emotional support need to be provided to the children in such a case. It is generally tough for young children to survive the turmoil process of a divorce. If required, spouses may required to take the help of some professionals like Psychotherapist or counselors to come out of that situation. Therefore, here we are discussing all the essential tips that can help you deal with young children during your divorce. These tips are drawn after proper analysis of behavior shown by the children.

Divorce Tips for parents with young children:

  • The parents should not talk about one another's problems or faults in front of their young children.
  • The parents should restore confidence in young children that both the parents love the children and would remain their parents even after the divorce.
  • Both the parents should try to make their children understand that divorce is actually a depressing and painful experience for the entire family. Hence, in accordance of that one should be prepared for the situation.
  • The parents must tell the children that it is not their (i.e. children's) fault for the divorce and make them aware with valid and genuine reason behind your divorce.
  • The parents must try to maintain all issues in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • The parents should not keep the decision of divorce a secret from the young children. They (the parents) must not wait till the last minute to reveal this fact to the children.
  • Most importantly, parents should try to spend quality time with their young children in order to provide them the needed affection and emotional support from your side.

Behavioral facts related to "Young Children and Divorce"

  • oung children experience hurdles in their own relationships
  • The children develop low self esteem condition
  • The performance of such children in school is hampered
  • They have a feeling of profound loss and sadness
  • Some withdrawal symptoms may be felt
  • Their behavior is marked by aggression and non-cooperation
  • There are major signs of distress

Psychotherapy for Young Children of Divorce

When a couple gets divorced, the ongoing commitment of this couple towards the welfare of their children is very crucial. Psychotherapy plays a major role as an important assistance to the parents as well as their children. When the child shows symptoms of distress, the parents should visit a pediatrician or family doctor. This physician can suggest evaluation and treatment from a "Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist." This psychiatrist can suggest the parents some remedies to ease the strain of the divorce from the child's mind.

Conversations of parents with young children regarding divorce

  • The most crucial point is that children should be made aware of their importance in the parent's life. For this, the parents must be available to talk with their children patiently. While talking, the parents must maintain love and reassurance from their side.
  • Sometimes children ask questions that are tough to answer. The parents should maintain a truthful and honest approach while answering them. However, there is no need to be specific every time.
  • One parent should never ask the child what the other parent is doing.
  • One parent should not speak in a negative manner about the other parent with the child.
  • The parents should never place their children in the role of spies. This causes the children to be placed in an awkward position that results into painful and confusing state in their lives.
  • It is very vital that the parents tell the children that the decision to divorce is final and the children can't do anything about it. Further, the parents should explain which conditions would remain the same for the children and which would be different. The details of the divorce should not be divulged. While speaking about all these points, the parents must maintain a simple, relaxed and calm attitude
  • The parents must always welcome the queries of their children and answer in the best possible manner. The children usually show their desire to know whether their fundamental requirements would be fulfilled or not. Moreover, if they would still be loved, cared for and fed. Therefore, all their queries should be efficiently resolved.

The entire divorce process is a complicated procedure that can successfully put its impact on young children if they are present during their parent's divorce. Hence, it is crucial to understand various essential ways to fight out the the negative affects of divorce on young children.

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