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A collaborative divorce is often regarded as an alternative for a regular dissolution. It is considered as a better option than the contested divorce, as it saves the money and time of partners. Collaborative process is a combined effort to find the new solutions. Therefore, all parties like partners, lawyers and supportive staff play an equal role in the procedure. Following are some of the important points related to the collaborative divorce association.

A Collaborative Divorce Association is a combination of the following professionals.

  • Collaborative Lawyers
  • Divorce Coaches
  • Child Specialists
  • Financial Advisors

All these professionals are specifically trained in Collaborative Law and Family Law Mediation. Also, they are required to update their knowledge with the help of training programs.

Role of Collaborative Divorce Lawyers in a Collaborative Divorce Association

A Collaborative Process is essentially a method to resolve family issues without entering the court. However, the agreement reached by the divorcing partners is a legal agreement. So, it is recommended that these divorcing partners take the advice of an experienced family law lawyer regarding divorce issues like distribution of property, spousal support, child support, guardianship, child custody and access.

The Collaborative Lawyers are expected to apply their cutting edge negotiating skills and legal knowledge. These lawyers must help the partners to craft constructive solutions. The lawyers must deal with the interests of the partners and their children. These lawyers have to ensure that the process succeeds to provide the favorable results and justice is provided to both partners.

Role of Divorce Coaches

A divorce, even a peaceful one, is a disturbing phase of life. Most people going through a divorce process experience negative emotions and mental problems. This can reflect in their social and professional behavior. A divorce coach is the person who helps the individual to handle these psychological problems. These professionals have a counseling background and an expertise in family dynamics. They have undergone specialized training in collaborative process and mediation. It is their responsibility to curtail the impact of divorce and separation on the family.

The benefits of hiring a divorce coach are as follows.

  • The family is better prepared for the transition towards the post divorce phase
  • All those involved in the divorce experience self respect and dignity
  • The parenting plan that is designed for the children fulfills the unique developmental requirements of the children
  • The partners have an improved co-parenting relationship
  • The coach proposes predictable outcomes for the family

Role of Child Specialists

If the divorcing couple has children, they face many difficulties to come to an agreement regarding them. Also, the children suffer badly because of the problems between parents. Here, a child specialist can help to ease the situation by providing suitable options. A Child Specialist is a neutral third party in the collaborative process. This specialist concentrates specifically on the interests, concerns and requirements of children. His / Her duty is to advocate the needs of the children.

This professional is a registered mental health professional with the following attributes.

  • Specialized training in child development and therapy
  • Expertise in divorce and separation issues
  • Specific training in collaborative process and mediation

This specialist needs to conduct interactive sessions with the children. He / She should assess the children in a formal and therapeutic manner. His role is not limited to observation of the children with the immediate family members but also consultation with extended family or community individuals. Also, the child specialist is responsible to resolve any disputes regarding child custody. He or she acts as a third party . Therefore, the specialist is not allowed to favor one party over another.

Role of Financial Advisors

The basic duty of a financial advisor is to pay attention to the financial requirements of the spouses and handle the property distribution. This professional is a neutral third party who has been allocated the following duties.

  • Collection of financial information
  • Preparation of budget
  • Management of assets
  • Assist the divorcing couple to have a better understanding of the economical scenario and the effects of the separation process
  • Help the couple to set future goals for economical security
  • Offer information regarding long term projections of investment incomes, various options for division of assets and the tax implications

This advisor is a Certified Financial Planner. He / She must have undergone specialized training in collaborative process, mediation and the economical impact of divorce and separation on families. The 2 partners, their 2 lawyers and the financial specialist can together develop a comprehensive financial plan and settlement that would be viable in the post divorce phase.

So, this are the responsibilities of association of collaborative divorce. These specialists smoothen the divorce process by taking an active part in discussion and by helping the spouses to solve the matters in less time span.

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