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Collaborative divorce is a different legal method used for dissolution of marriage in . It is based on the law of collaborative separation. The basics of the collaborative law are a peaceful discussion and a progressive method to find out better solutions on the problems of spouses. The lawyers and attorneys who work for a collaborative process are trained in this specific area by various educational courses.

All the professionals related to collaborative divorce can undergo certain trainings. This will enable them to handle their cases with finesse and efficiency. These professionals have some of the following intentions prior to attending collaborative divorce training:

  • To think in a manner that would ensure that the client welcomes the importance of collaborative divorce in the first meeting
  • To plan the team process in a manner to foster success
  • To take efficient action when the feared deadlock is stumbled upon
  • To guide the clients at every step on the route
  • To converse with the clients in a different manner

Types of Collaborative Divorce Training

There are many courses that provide a training on collaborative divorce and its aspects. While choosing a course, it is necessary to know its key areas, techniques and skills included in the syllabus. It is necessary to check the level of information and data that is shared in such courses.

Following are some of the options:

Collaborative Divorce Financial Specialist Training - Advanced

  • This is a skill building and interactive training for financial specialists
  • Mental health professionals and lawyers may also attend to enhance their knowledge of collaborative divorce. They would also learn how to work with other team members
  • Duration: one or two days

Collaborative Divorce Coach and Child Specialist Training - Advanced

  • This is primarily intended for skill building of divorce coaches and child specialists in collaborative divorce in an interactive mode
  • Financial Specialists and lawyers are motivated to remain present so that their knowledge of collaborative divorce and working with people would be benefited
  • Duration: two days

Collaborative Divorce Case Consultation - Interdisciplinary Team - Advanced

  • This is an interactive case consultation
  • The participants describe cases about team, practice group and ethical concerns in a collaborative divorce procedure
  • Duration: one or two days

Care and Feeding of the Practice Group

  • Useful for development of knowledge and skills necessary for effective interdisciplinary practice groups
  • Duration: one or two days

Interviewing Children and Providing Feedback to Parents in Collaborative Divorce - Advanced

  • This skill building program is an interactive one
  • Generally, Child Specialists can increase their understanding of Collaborative divorce
  • Duration: one day

Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Training - Advanced

  • This is meant for all types of professionals related to collaborative divorce
  • It comprises of in depth communication skills training for financial professionals, mental health professionals and lawyers
  • There is advanced case consultation and role plays of challenging cases
  • Duration: two days

Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Training - Advanced

  • It offers skills for providing effective feedback to team colleagues as well as couples
  • There are role playing actual cases
  • It deals with difficult conversations
  • Duration: one day

Interest Based Negotiation - Basic

  • Any collaborative professionals may attend this training
  • It is meant to understand and practice interest based negotiation pertaining to collaborative practice
  • Duration: two days

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Training - Advanced

  • This is intended for collaborative divorce attorneys who are within the context of collaborative divorce team
  • Duration: two days

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Training - Basic

  • The fundamentals of collaborative law are provided to the lawyers
  • Duration: two days

Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Training - Basic

  • Open for all collaborative professionals
  • Offers the knowledge and skills to perform as a collaborative divorce team
  • Duration: three days

Intensive Collaborative Divorce Case Study and Skilling Training for the 3 Cores Disciplines

  • A case is studied from the start till the end
  • Each collaborative professional describes his / her professional role in this case
  • Duration: forty hours

Benefits of collaborative divorce training

The advantages of training in collaborative law are many. It not only gives the proper idea of this type of divorce, but also provides a general outline of things that should be done while managing a collaborative process. It gives the lawyers a direction to work on. Also, it helps to create a healthy environment with use of some techniques, while handling the discussions. The training assists the lawyers and attorneys to have a strong base of knowledge which they can use to achieve the qualitative results.

So, the collaborative divorce training is essential for those who want to make a career in this field that requires constant revision of knowledge and communication skills.

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