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Divorce these days is quite an expensive affair. In 2001, this was a 28 billion USD industry and the average cost of a divorce was approximately 20,000 USD. About 50% of the total marriages are ending and people are spending fortunes on their broken marriages, either by spending it on the attorney's fees or by giving alimony to their partners. Contested divorce costs a lot and that is why many people refrain themselves from taking divorce as they cannot afford it.

It is necessary for the couple to find an attorney who is affordable for them and can help them go through the process of divorce. Ending relationships has become a huge burden as the whooping price makes a person miserable.

The amounts in these below mentioned points are applicable to the year 2007.

Highlights of Contested Divorce Costs

  • Some divorce attorneys charge flat fees as follows
    • For filing a motion: 200 USD
    • For handling all aspects of a divorce: 10,000 to 25,000 USD
  • Several divorce lawyers levy hourly fees as follows
    • Per hour rate of 75 to 400 USD
    • In highly emotional and complex cases, the total fees accrue from 20,000 to 50,000 USD
  • An upfront fee disbursed with intent of hiring a lawyer is called as a Retainer. Divorce lawyers calculate this retainer in one of the following ways:
    • An equivalent of several hours work
    • A percentage of the agreed upon flat fee

As the divorce case progresses and the work is done, the lawyer subtracts the fees from the retainer. After the retainer is finished, the lawyer includes the further amount in the bill. An attorney in South Carolina levies the following amounts as a retainer

    • An uncontested divorce with minimal work: 750 USD
    • A contested divorce with issues like child custody and property distribution: 5,000 USD
  • Some residents in the US intend to have an out of court settlement. They can purchase the following:
    • Do it Yourself Workbooks and Kits: 30 to 50 USD
    • A Workbook providing nationwide guidelines and worksheets: 20 to 25 USD
  • There are some websites that offer online paperwork for 20 to 50 USD as well as complete online divorce services for 150 to 250 USD
  • The attorney may decide a minimum billing increment. Let us assume that a lawyer has decided 12 minute increments for billing. This implies that irrespective of the duration of the service, the lawyer rounds up the time to the nearest 12 minute increment
  • The lawyer may decide that for specific services, a minimum fee is essential. For example, for drafting a motion there may be a flat rate of 200 USD. The client must talk with the lawyer regarding the minimum fees that are related to the case.

Related Contested Divorce Costs

  • Along with the attorney, investigators or other professionals and experts may be required for the divorce case. Depending of the unique circumstances of the case, these may add up to 2,000 to 5,000 USD
  • The lawyer levies separate expenses for the following heads:
    • Time spent by staff for performing research or other work pertaining to the case
    • Time spent by staff in making photocopies
    • Time spent by the lawyer in answering the client's queries and questions by email or telephone
  • Court filing fees: 75 to 350 USD
  • Arbitration fees: 200 to 400 USD per hour
  • Some other expenses related to a divorce are as follows
    • Finding a new residence
    • Replacement of items offered to the spouse in property division
    • Childcare
    • New utility and telephone deposits

There are many people across the world who wants to end their relationship, but because they are unable to afford the fees of an attorney, they suffer the pain of staying in the relationship. Now-a-days it has become easier to take divorce as people can represent themselves in the case. People who are fed up of their relationship can end it by filing the case themselves and representing themselves as well. Also people can get assistance about the case online. There are various sites on Internet that can help a couple in getting a divorce. All the divorce forms are present on the sites and divorce mediation can also be achieved through different sites and it is inexpensive as well. The information stated above about the cost of contested divorce is authentic and will help people in choosing the type of divorce they want to take.

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