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There are two ways of taking divorce; it can either be contested or uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, couples solve their issues by talking to each other or with the help of mediation. This type of divorce is usually opted by people who do not intend to fight. On the other hand, people opting for contested divorce fight with each other until and unless they get things that they desire. Most of the times, the case becomes utterly ugly. Contested divorce hearing is the final verdict given by the judge. The partners fighting for divorce have to abide by the decision given by the judge.

Motion for a Contested Divorce Hearing

The following steps must be followed to write a motion.

Taking divorce was never an easy task as a person looses a lot of things when the relationship ends. One should be quite certain to take a divorce as once it is done, it cannot be undone. There are certain documents that are to be filled in order to take a contested divorce and the attorney should be well experienced so that he can help you in taking a hassle free divorce. All the documents should be duly signed and submitted in the court at the right time.