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Taking divorce, whether contested or uncontested is a difficult thing to be done as it means breaking the ties of the relationship and start thing all over again. Most of the people want to get things that they deserve post divorce, no matter if that involves fighting and quarreling, whereas on the other hand some people just want to get rid of the relationship no matter whatever it takes. The simplest and easiest type of divorce is when both partners agree with each other regarding how the various issues should be sorted out. This is referred to as an uncontested divorce. Contesting a divorce is a very straightforward affair in a divorce case. However, usually it is seen that a divorce case is characterized by various aspects that make the case very complex.

Challenges in Contesting a Divorce

False Allegations

One of the most crucial decisions during a divorce process is that of child custody. It has been observed that one of the parties mught lie in order to get the custody. custody. The person against whom the allegations have been put up should not yield easily and should respond to the blames. At times, the divorce case becomes very ugly and spouses tend to malign the public image of the other spouse. If one concludes that he/she is being falsely maligned, it is quite sensible to contest the divorce till these allegations are withdrawn and a fair settlement is ensured. Getting maligned for no authentic reason is not correct and that is why the partner should fight for their rights.


It might happen that the stronger spouse may try to suppress the weaker one in order to settle the divorce. It is always desirable to complete and get away with a divorce procedure, but one should never accept to do so at the cost of undue yielding in case of some issues. If an individual feels that he/she is being pressurized to accede to an unfair divorce settlement, then the only recourse is to contest the divorce. It is advisable to talk to the attorney so that they can assist you in the best possible way. Sometimes a need to complain in the police also arises.

Lack of Authentic Information

In a layman's life, divorce is not a routine occurrence. Hence, a layman is not aware of the legalities and rights in a divorce. Tt might happen that a person might blindly accept to all terms of the divorce or be confused as to how to go ahead in the divorce case. A simple recommendation is that every person must ascertain that he/she is not being played out and any unfairness has to be contested legally. An attorney should be consulted so that he can explain all the terms and conditions and the process to go about with the case. It is not easy to hire an attorney but make sure that the attorney is experienced and affordable.

Significance of Communication

Divorce comprises of topics that are sensitive and tricky. If one intends to resolve these topics amicably, it is compulsory that there is mature and open minded communication between both the partners. However, it may be a fact that one of the spouses is not open regarding communication or denies to meet the other partner and is inaccessible. In such cases, the other partner has no other option but to legally fight the divorce case. In order to solve things through communication, mediation can help the partners. In this process, the couple talks to each other in the presence of a mediator who can solve their problems.

The Abuse factor

In several marriages, domestic violence and abuse are a harsh truth. The victim of these is usually unwilling to disclose the truth to a third person. After the victim adheres to this demeanor for a period of time, this victim begins to feel that he/she cannot bear these things any more. At this juncture, the victim finalizes to terminate the marriage.

The scenario is such that a majority of victims do not desire to make any claims by making the issue public. They simply aim to escape from the marriage. At this point, one must understand that it is very essential that the perpetrator of physical abuse or violence must pay the price. The victim has been empowered with certain rights that are taken care of during the divorce process. If the victim decides to skip contesting a divorce, then it is equivalent to a very lifeless yield.

The information stated above is true and will help all the people who want a divorce to understand the process of contested divorce. It is necessary to know as much as you can about the process so as to get a hassle free divorce.

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