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Reasons for grant of Divorce Arizona Alimony

Some of the reasons for which a partner seeking alimony may be granted the same are as follows.

  • The marriage was of a long duration and the partner has remote chances of getting employed and earning money that would be sufficient to support self
  • The partner has made some inputs for the educational opportunities of the other partner
  • The partner is a custodian of a child and the age and condition of this child makes it necessary that the partner should not be needed to attend a job outside the house
  • The partner lacks the capacity to support self by means of employment
  • The partner is in dearth of enough property to fulfill reasonable daily requirements for self

Guidelines for determining Divorce Arizona Alimony

In this state, a past history of marital misconduct does not hamper one's chances of getting alimony. The court takes into account the issues mentioned below for the partner requesting spousal support to determine Arizona alimony.

  • Whether the partner was involved in fraudulent disposition, concealment, destruction, abnormal and excessive expenditures of joint tenancy, community or other property held in common?
  • The period essential for the partner to attain enough education or training to be satisfactorily employed. Is such a training or education readily available?
  • The economical resources of the partner, inclusive of the marital property awarded during divorce proceedings. Whether this partner is capable of fulfilling requirements of self independently using these resources?
  • The capacity of both partners seeking divorce to make inputs to the future educational expenses of their children
  • Whether the partner has sacrificed his/her career or income opportunities for the benefit of the other partner?
  • The input made by the partner to the earning potential of the other partner
  • The relative economical resources of the partners inclusive of their relative earning capacities in the market
  • Whether the spouse, from whom alimony is demanded, is able to fulfill own requirements and also those of the partner requesting for alimony?
  • The following points regarding the partner seeking alimony
    • Physical and emotional condition
    • Earning capacity
    • Employment history
    • Age
  • The period for which the marital status existed
  • The standard of living experienced in marital life

Risks involved in getting Divorce Arizona Alimony

  • The payer refuses to pay
  • The receiving spouse violates some other order of the court and hence the court has withheld payment as a punishment
  • Incapacitation of the payer due to illness
  • Cohabitation of the receiving spouse
  • The payer has to face additional expenditure due to remarriage

Points to be contemplated in Divorce Arizona Alimony

  • In case of a lump sum settlement, what are the disadvantages and advantages?
  • Which method of lump sum settlement must be observed? i.e. Property or Cash
  • Instead of lump sum settlement, should the money be paid by installments?
  • How do the following incidences affect alimony payments - Cohabitation, Remarriage, Demise, and Disability?
  • If it is felt essential to enforce payments through court orders, what should be the terms of such enforcement?
  • What are the effects of the proposed arrangements on tax?
  • What are the effects of wills and inheritances?

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