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The financial resources of both the partners seeking divorce are the basis of Arkansas alimony. The amount of money required by the partner seeking alimony and the capacity of the other partner to disburse money is compared.

As per the alimony statutes in this state, any past record of marital misconduct cannot hamper the process of determining alimony. In some cases, it is found that the partner requesting alimony is guilty of adultery and adultery has resulted in the divorce. In these cases, the partner, who has committed adultery, is denied alimony.

Types of Divorce Arkansas Alimony

Rehabilitative Alimony

  • This is for a temporary period
  • It is expected that the recipient uses this money only for the purpose of education or job training so that he / she gains sufficient skill to become financially self sufficient

Temporary Alimony

  • The judge orders that alimony should be paid for some months or years after due consideration of the economical necessity of the recipient
  • This alimony is paid at equal intervals

Lump Sum Alimony

  • This comprises of a single payment
  • The intention of this provision is the well being of the receiving partner in the near future
Permanent Alimony
  • This type of alimony is awarded in rare cases
  • If the recipients starts residing with another person or remarries or dies, then the payment ceases
  • An exception to the previous point is that, in Arkansas, although the recipient cohabits with another person, he / she may continue to get alimony if certain conditions are fulfilled
Notice of Past Due Alimony in Arkansas

It may happen that a recipient of alimony has not received the money for some period. In such a case, the recipient must dispatch a Notice of Past Due Alimony to the ex spouse.

This notice is a communication to the ex spouse in order to remind him / her of the following facts.

  • His / Her obligation to disburse the money
  • The fact that the money has not been received
  • Presently, it is 'past due' to receive the money
This Notice would also serve as a written record regarding the efforts made by the recipient spouse. Some packets are available in the market pertaining to this notice. They are of 4 varieties as mentioned below. One may opt for that which is most suitable to the circumstances.
  • A gentle reminder
  • An adversarial tone
  • A formal notice
  • An informal communication

The packet comprises of the following.

  • Instructions and Checklist pertaining to this communication
  • Information regarding this Notice
  • Sample Notice of the 4 types listed above
Termination of Arkansas Alimony

The liability of alimony in this state automatically terminates on the date one of the following occurs first.

  • The recipient of the alimony remarries
  • An equivalent of remarriage of the recipient: The spouse receiving alimony establishes a relation with another person and this couple produces a child or children. As a consequence of this incidence, the court issues an order that directs the another person to disburse money to the recipient
  • Another equivalent of remarriage of the recipient: The spouse receiving alimony establishes a relation with another person and this couple produces a child or children. As a consequence of this occurrence, the court orders the recipient to disburse money to another person. However, this another person must not be a descendant by adoption or birth of the payer of alimony

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