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A marriage is a bond that is created on firm grounds of love and support. It is a shared responsibility of two people. However, some unions go wrong because of extreme differences between partners. At such junction, the breaking of a union is inevitable. Though marriage is dissolved by a legal order, the responsibilities of spouses continue till the other spouse become completely independent. Spousal maintenance and child support are some forms of such extended duties of spouses. There are certain legal provisions that supervise these issues. Likewise, divorce alimony in Nevada is guided by the rules and regulations in the state laws.

Factors considered by court when granting alimony in Nevada

There are various points that influence the decision of the court regarding spousal support. The first and most important criterion is the financial situations of both partners. Along with this factor, the following points are pondered over -

  • The mental and physical states of both spouses in relation to their ability to work, health and surviving capabilities.
  • Has the court awarded any property or child support to the spouse who would become a recipient of alimony? Does the spouse demanding support, possess separate assets that can be counted as a fixed income?
  • The input of either of the spouses as a homemaker. What were the exact duties performed by a spouse while taking care of the house and children?
  • During the marital life, have the spouses attained any marketable skills or specialized education or training? What is the contribution of the other partner in acquiring such additional skills?
  • What was the spouse's career prior to the marriage?
  • The standard of living experienced by the spouses in marital life.
  • The behavior of the spouses while being together.
  • The duration of marital life.
  • The inputs of each partner towards accumulation of any property held by the couple as per NRS 123.030
  • What is the nature and value of the gross property that belongs to each spouse?
  • The economical background of the spouses.

Other points considered in Divorce Alimony in Nevada

The court takes into account if there is a real need to award spousal support to a partner. It considers whether this spouse desires training or education that is essential for a particular job. Along with these factors, the court also contemplates the following -

  • Whether the partner, from whom spousal support is demanded, has procured greater education or job skills during marital life.
  • While the partner was obtaining education or job skills, did the other one, who is requesting for support, offer financial or other kind of support. If yes, then what was the level of this contribution?

After due consideration of the previous two points, if the court concludes that spousal support should be granted, then the following steps are taken -

  • The court issues an order in which it is mentioned the time the recipient requires for his/her education or training related to a profession, career or job.
  • If the prevailing circumstances change after the order is issued, the payer may file a motion in the court to alter the alimony order. In this case, all the related proofs are to be submitted in the court. The judge may decide to nullify the order or decrease the current amount.
  • The court might grant the recipient additional money to afford the following -
    • Payment of fees, books and tuition for -
      • An equivalent high school diploma
      • College courses that are related to the career objectives of the recipient
      • Courses of training in skills that are helpful to get a job.
    • Assistance to search a job.
    • Subsidization of the expenses of the employer of the recipient that have been incurred in the training of the recipient.
    • Offering guidance to the recipient to chalk out a particular plan for education or training that is related to a profession, career or job.
    • For evaluation of the abilities and aims of the recipient pertaining to a profession, career or job.
    • For testing of the skills of the recipient relative of a profession, career.

Cessation of the Court Order

Alimony payment is terminated after the predetermined period. Also, it depends on the type of spousal maintenance. If it is a permanent support, then it will be stopped once the receiving spouse gets remarried or passes away. Rehabilitative support is paid for a specific duration. It will expire after the said period is complete. Temporary maintenance is a form of support that is granted during the litigation process. Thus, it will be terminated once the final conclusion is reached.

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