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The unavoidable disputes or conflicts between two spouses ultimately result into their final decision of being separated from each other. The final depart can be made legal by going through a legal process called divorce. The legal breakdown of marriage can severely affect the life of the divorcing individuals. In most of the cases, a drastic change is observed in the life of the spouse who is very much dependent on the other partner emotionally as well as financially. Therefore, such individuals may take the advantage of alimony support as described by the laws and rights of several states. The divorce alimony in New Mexico is also settled after considering specific factors. These factors are financial status of both the spouses, duration of the marriage, etc. In order to avail the divorce alimony in New Mexico, the duration of the marriage should be at least ten years in this state.

Guidelines for the Court During Alimony Settlement in New Mexico

The court adheres to the following guidelines while determining the terms of alimony:

  • Have the partners drafted any agreement while contemplating separation or divorce?
  • What income is produced by the property owned by each partner?
  • Type and nature of the liabilities and assets of both the divorcing spouses
  • During the divorce proceedings, how has the distribution of property taken place?
  • The duration of marital life
  • The reasonable requirements of the spouses at the individual level
  • Is it observed that the spouses have made good faith efforts to become self supporting or to retain their employment?
  • The present and future earnings or earning capacity of the spouses
  • What are the different means of support for the partners?
  • Age and health of the parties

Types of Alimony Granted in Divorce New Mexico

In New Mexico, the payments of alimony basically depend upon the conditions associated with the divorcing parties. It can be classified into the following four types:

  • A single payment that is disbursed in one or more installments in specific amounts.
  • Payments for an indefinite span of time. Such financial support is commonly called long term alimony. This particular support is mainly awarded in the case where duration of the marriage is more than twenty years.
  • Transitional spousal support is for a limited period of time which is around six to twenty four months, just after the final approval of divorce. On the other hand, such financial support can also be ordered during the legal proceedings of divorce.
  • Rehabilitative spousal support is an assistance to the recipient to attain education, training, work experience or other sorts of rehabilitation to enhance the earning potential and become self dependent. The moment the recipient becomes self supportive in the financial aspect, the rehabilitative alimony is checked as per the state laws.

Except the first type of payment mentioned in the above list, the remaining three may be altered if there is a change in the circumstances of the spouses. However, the court must not have designated this alimony as non modifiable in the final decree.

  • If the payer faces retirement or loss of employment, this spouse can approach the court to reduce the payments.
  • If the conditions of the recipient change to such an extent that the current payment is not enough to fulfill the fundamental requirements, then the recipient may demand more alimony.
  • If the recipients go for second marriage, then also alimony support is turned non-functional for them.

Salient Features of New Mexico Alimony

  • Generally, the payer sends a check per month or per pay period. There is also a provision as per which the alimony can be withheld from the pay check of the payer.
  • The payer can deduct the amount of alimony from his/her gross income while calculating the income tax.
  • The recipient has to include the alimony payment as his/her income during computation of tax.
  • The spouse requesting spousal support must be able to furnish evidence that he/she needs a specific amount per month to continue with a reasonable standard of living.
  • The court takes into account the payer's capacity to disburse a certain amount after due regard to the payer's child support obligation, community debt obligations and retaining a reasonable standard of living.
  • If a couple has only lived with one another, but have not been married to each other, then such people are not entitled for alimony payments.
  • Typically, the court considers a request for maintenance when the couple has been married for at least a decade.

The settlement of divorce alimony in New Mexico is overall a complicated decision, but it can be easily done with the help of the attorneys of the state. These professionals help in presenting the requirements and expectations of their clients in a significant manner. As a result, the court orders a justifiable and suitable decision to the divorcing parties.

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