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Divorce is one of the most difficult situations that a person has to go through. After being close to someone, ending all the relationships and moving ahead in life is not an easy task. Parting ways become all the more tragic when it is because of infidelity or double crossing. In this state, alimony payments are in the form of direct reward or payment of rents and profits that form a part of the general expenses for the spouse seeking alimony. The court issues orders that the partner who deserves spousal support must be paid from the estate of the other partner. The Wyoming Statutes Title 20, Chapter 20-2-114 is dedicated to this topic. Divorce alimony in Wyoming is given after considering several things so that the right decision is taken.

It is recommended that the recipient of alimony in this state maintain a record of the amount and time of receiving alimony payments for a continuous period of the 3 previous years. This recipient would find that such a record would prove convenient for him/her.

Types of Divorce Alimony in Wyoming

Permanent Alimony

  • The court does not specify a termination date of these alimony payments. The payer of alimony has to keep on paying the amount of alimony that is decided by the court.
  • It has been observed that the circumstances essential for declaration of this type of alimony are rarely present. So, this type of alimony is rarely awarded. Most of the times it is granted in situations where it is very essential for the partner as he/she has to start life anew that too after a long time of being dependent.

Lump Sum Alimony

  • The sum total of all the monthly payment to be paid in the future is calculated. This sum is paid as a lump sum amount to the partner at the time of divorce.
  • The necessities and financial status of both the spouses is considered while taking a decision whether this sort of payment is to be opted for as most of the people are unable to pay the whole amount of alimony, all at once.
  • The tax consequences of this type of alimony are a very serious issue. Hence, it is advisable to take the assistance of a certified lawyer regarding this payment.

Rehabilitative Alimony

  • Let us assume that a partner is currently dependent on the other. However, this dependent partner has the eligibility to become suitably employed after completion of a career oriented training or educational course. This sort of dependent partner is disbursed this type of alimony.
  • These payments are on a periodic basis which means that the payments would come to an end as soon as the partner becomes financially independent.
  • If the circumstances of the spouses change, these payments may also change. It might be possible that the partner becomes independent before the time allotted to him/her. This is given for a certain period of time and many a times, the time period is fixed.

Some points regarding Wyoming Alimony

  • Let us consider that the court has issued a decree that comprises of orders of alimony payments. If either party makes a petition in the court, the court has the right to revisit this issue time and again to revise the decree.
  • While issuing orders of alimony, the court estimates the respective merit of each party and the estimate condition of each party after divorce and only then is the alimony awarded. The judge takes various factors into consideration before giving the final verdict.
  • While the divorce proceeding is pending, the court might order one spouse to make payments to the other as temporary spousal support.

Termination of Alimony in Wyoming

Divorce alimony in this state is terminated in the following conditions:

  • The recipient of the alimony is romantically involved with a third person and has the habit of cohabiting with this person. This is also known as infidelity and this is one of the biggest crimes.
  • The financial resources of the recipient increase with time and presently they are adequate for him/her to continue a decent standard of living.
  • The payer spouse is terminated from the employment or he/she retires from the job. This is one of the factors that can lead to the end of the alimony.

In Wyoming, alimony is also called as spousal support. The court takes into account the contribution of the recipient of alimony for the welfare of the family in marital life in both financial and non financial form. All the information stated above is authentic and will help people in Wyoming understand the important factors about alimony.

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