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The CSSD (Child Support Services Division) uses Court Civil rule 90.3 to compute child support amount. If one parent is given primary physical custody (i.e. the child resides with this parent for 70 percent of the time), then the earning of the non custodial parent is the basis of calculating the child support amount.

As per the rule set the court, 20 percent of the non custodial parent's adjusted income is essential to support one child. The earnings after deductions for retirement, union dues, taxes and other mandatory deductions are defined as Adjusted Income.

Enforcement of Divorce Alaska Child Support

The Alaska child support agency collects the child support amount in case of the following orders.

  • Orders issued by the court in child custody, dissolution and divorce cases
  • Administrative orders issued by CSSD or other states

Some of the significant points regarding this topic are as follows.

  • The agency issues orders to withhold and deliver any property. This property may be in the form of stock dividends, Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, bank accounts, retirement checks, commissions, wages or income reaping property (like rentals)
  • A majority of orders are issued against wages
  • A wage withholding order is as follows; the employer of the non custodial parent is required to withhold the wages of this parent and direct the money to the agency. In turn, the agency forwards the amount to the custodial parent

Modification of Divorce Alaska Child Support

If either of the ex spouses request a modification, the CSSD notifies both the parties regarding the same. Both the parties are offered 30 days to submit all the requested documents to the CSSD. After the period of 30 days is complete, the CSSD performs the calculation.

Let us consider that there is more than 15 percent modification in the child support amount. If it is an administrative order, then it is regarded complete. In case of a court order, the file must be transported to the Office of the Attorney General. It is further forwarded to the court concerned to be assessed by a judge.

The process described above needs approximately 2 to 6 months. After the notices are mailed, the 1st date of the coming month is the effective date of modification.

Highlights of Divorce AK Child Support

  • In this state, a maximum amount of 40 percent of the net disposable earnings can be withheld
  • In the following cases, the withholding can be more than 40 percent
    • The non custodial parent is a seasonal employee
    • This parent has attempted to prevent payment
  • When there is divided or shared custody, the income of both ex spouses is considered to calculate child support
  • The caseworker identifies the parent's assets and income in the following manner
    • Asking the parent about his/her income
    • Identification of the employment of the parent, what property is owned by him/her and whether he/she has any other sources of assets or income
    • Verification of the above information
    • The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) discloses financial data pertaining to the unearned and earned income of the parent. For example, unemployment compensation and interest payments
    • CSSD has been authorized to gain access to the financial institution data. For example, credit bureau data and bank accounts

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