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In USA the rates of divorces have been increasing over the past few decades. As such, today, a good number of cases involving children are found where the issues of child custody and support become the focus of attention. Earlier the courts used to support payments; but now child support guidelines are set forth by each state. Every state in the United States has developed varying guidelines about the mathematical formula for calculation of support. Consequently, it is not possible to develop a universal divorce child support calculator. Parents who will be fighting a divorce case involving children should know about the features of such a calculator and how it is used.

The child support calculator is used for demonstrative purposes. Generally, it is assumed that all the children will live with one parent, that is, the custodial parent, and then the electronic devices used. It is not possible to consider situations where the child custody will be shared by both parents like, joint physical custody or split custody. It is to be noted that the amount estimated by the device may be different from what the court will decide. The calculator can accessed at the following venues:

  • The Department of Children's Services (the state's version)
  • The state's governmental website

Data to be put into a Divorce Child Support Calculator While using a child support calculator, some usual information that must be mentioned like:

  • Gross or net income of parents
  • The number of children involved in the case
  • The parent who disburses the insurance premiums and the value of these premiums, the amounts of various insurances like vision, dental and/or medical are considered.
  • The amount of spousal support
  • The ages of the children
  • The expenses of daycare and whether they are paid by one or both parents
  • The spousal support and child maintenance amount that is being paid and is related to a previous marriage
  • The duration of time spent with a non-custodial parent

The amount calculated by such a device varies from the court's decisions as the court considers some important factors. A couple of such factors are as follows:

  • Any information regarding a matter where both the custodial and the non-custodial parent are involved
  • Information about other children residing in the house, who are not affected by the court custodial order

Examples of Divorce Child Support Calculator

Example: 1

Number of children  

Monthly amounts of the following are in USD.

  Non custodial parent Custodial parent
Gross income    
Child's insurance premium    
Net child care expenses    
Prior child support orders    
Alimony paid    

Submit Reset

The above computing device assumes that all the children would essential reside with one parent. It cannot distinguish between split custody and joint physical custody. The objective of the development of such a device is not to provide legal advice but it is purely informational.

It does not take into account the following values:

  • Tax deduction for the self employed
  • Bonus
  • OT
  • Extraordinary costs

The value obtained from such a calculator is merely an estimate and not a guarantee that the court would award the same value.

Example: 2

Number of Children  
Monthly Gross income $
Monthly State Taxes $
Monthly Federal Taxes $
Medicare/ Social Security $
Required Retirement Contributions $
Health Insurance $

Personal Child Support Calculator Service

Some companies who are listed on the Internet have prepared the above mentioned calculator. The viewers of such websites have to enter information in it depending on the state they resides in. The site then offers a comprehensive report that may range from 5 to 16 pages. Such a report comprises of information about the child maintenance rules in the specific state and a detailed explanation of how the support calculation was done.

It is true that the issues related to child maintenance complicated. At times when there is an emotional upheaval in the lives of the parents, it is not easy for them to calculate the support amount. Thus they can take the help of divorce child support calculator. By the use of this computing device, they can have a quick and approximate estimate . Although this amount may vary from the amount that will be specified by the court at a later stage, but having a basic idea will help the parents manage their finances properly. They can also prepare all the documents that are to be submitted to the court.

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