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Every child deserves to get the best from its parents. When parents divorce, their responsibilities towards their child do not end. Parents need to share their obligations legally. With this aim in view, child maintenance guidelines are laid down. In Idaho, the objective of every child maintenance order is to secure the best interests of the child. Idaho divorce child support guidelines define all the financial obligations and the way these responsibilities are to be fulfilled.

The Idaho state laws as well as federal laws mention that the Child Support Services must be utilized for the support payments. These Services maintain a record of each such payment. Courts regard this record as an 'official payment record.' Moreover, this method prevents confusion and conflict between the parents. If some other method is used, the parents may claim that this payment was a gift or something other than child maintenance.

Services offered by the Child Support Services

The non-custodial parents can request the Child Support Services to help them in the following ways:

  • Establish support obligations
  • Locating the other parent
  • Ensure that the support amount is paid
  • Ensure that medical support is paid
  • To change the support orders
  • Establish paternity

Modification of Idaho Divorce Child Support

Sometimes a support order is modified depending on certain circumstances.

  • If the previous order specified the total child subsidy obligation, then the parent desires that the amount to be disbursed for each child must be mentioned. This reason is specifically important if the following circumstances exist:
    • A child graduates from high school
    • A child completes 19 years of age
    • One or more children do not reside with the custodial parent
  • The parent wishes that the monthly support amount should be increased or decreased. However, this change must be more than 15 percent of the previous order and minimum 50 USD.
  • A medical insurance coverage is available through an employer. However, now it is required that it should be provided by the parent.

How to pay Child Support to more than one family

A parent in this state may be required to disburse child subsidy amount to many families. In this scenario, the money is applied in a specific sequence that is mentioned here:

Payment for the amount owed for the present month

If the parent lacks adequate money, it is paid on a percentage or percent-of-total basis. Let us assume a parent owes 35 USD to one family and 65 USD to a second family. Then, the first family receives 35 percent and the second family receives 65 percent of the child subsidy payment.

Payment of past due amount

Let us think that a parent owes past due amount to more than one family. The amount is divided on a percentage basis

Payments owed to the state in case the custodial parent got cash benefits

There is one exception in this step. The sum of money acquired by interception of tax refunds cannot be utilized for payments to the child support of the present month. This sum is initially to be used to repay debts owed to the state and latter for payments owed to a family.

Issue of Liens in Idaho Divorce Child Support

A lien is filed in the following cases:

  • The parent owes 2,000 USD or more, OR
  • The parent owes the equivalent of 3 months of child maintenance, AND
  • The parent is the owner of real estate in this state

The child support services may file a lien on any property. These liens are filed with the Secretary of State in Idaho. The parent is sent a notice regarding such a lien. Only after the child support case is closed or all child support debts are paid, the liens are removed.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

If a parent is unwilling to pay the support amount or does not pay the whole amount, he or she will be subject to enforcement orders. The Child Support Services can use any of the following ways:

  • Filing Liens
  • Garnishing accounts
  • Contempt action
  • Suspending licenses
  • Income withholding
  • Establishing judgments
  • Credit Reporting
  • Withholding retirement accounts and federal benefits
  • Intercepting lottery winnings
  • Denying Passports
  • Intercepting Federal Tax and State Tax Refunds
  • Intercepting PERSI Retirement Benefits

Child Support Calculator

Divorcing parents in Idaho can use the child support calculator, but the support amount they will get by using this calculator may vary from the amount ordered by the court. This is because of the fact that the court takes into account various points that the parents may ignore.

All these information on Idaho divorce child support will help you understand the concept clearly and perform your duties legally.

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