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Divorce has become a common phenomenon in the twentieth century. The number of divorce cases across the globe is increasing. Whatever may be the circumstances, spouses don't hesitate to terminate their relationship. Many couples with children file for divorce even when the child wants love and care from both parents. Again there are cases where a parent with his/her children is unable to live with the other parent because of some serious issues, and divorce seems to be the only good option. All these have created different issues like child support, child custody, visitation rights, etc. In most of the countries of the world, child maintenance laws are formulated so that these issues can be addressed properly. Kansas in the United States has its child maintenance procedures and guidelines. District courts and Child support Services have to abide by the guidelines of Kansas divorce child support while setting a support order.

The importance of these guidelines is paramount. These are developed to give minor children of divorced parents what they deserve. These rules are followed by judges and hearing offices in order to decide the amount of money that the non-custodial parent will have to pay to the custodial parent for raising the children.

Determination of Kansas Divorce Child Support

  • The gross income of each parent is taken into account.
  • Court ordered maintenance in other cases, child subsidy obligations for other children and reasonable business expenses are deducted from the gross income.
  • Court ordered maintenance is added to the above figure.
  • The resultant figure is termed as the 'child support income' of the parent. It is determined by using the Child Support Schedules.
  • Now the figure is rounded up to the nearest USD amount.
  • Depending on the number of children in the family and their ages, the appropriate table is located. This table gives the child subsidy obligation. If there is more than 1 child, the amount is termed as 'gross child support obligation'.
  • From this amount, the parents have to deduct or add values like work related child care expenditures, dental and health premiums
  • The ratio of the income of the parents is the ratio in which the child support has to be paid. Let us assume that the father earns 67 percent of the combined gross income and the mother earns 33 percent. Then, the child support amount is divided in the ratio 67:33
  • If a parent has income that comes from a new spouse or any other relationship, then this income is not considered.
  • The following incomes are not regarded as a section of the gross income:
    • Child subsidy amounts received for other children
    • Income from public assistance

Enforcement of Kansas Divorce Child Support

In Kansas, enforcement orders measures are taken against a non-custodial parent when he/she does not pay the monthly support amount as determined by the court. According to the Kansas Child Support Enforcement Program, any one of the following measures can be taken:

  • Contempt of court
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • Income Withholding Order(IWO)
  • State and Federal tax refund intercepts
  • Liens - this may apply to any kind of personal property
  • Suspension of licenses like fishing and hunting licenses
Medical Income Withholding Orders in Child Support

K.S.A. 23-4,119(d)

The administrator or employer must allow the obligor/employee to enroll the child in case the following exist:

  • The employee/obligor takes part in a health benefit plan
  • Under an IWO, the employer/obligor is required to offer health coverage for a child

K.S.A. 23-4, 108(c)

It is the responsibility of an employer to disburse the premiums of a child's coverage in accordance with the health benefit plan of the employee. These payments should not be included with other support payments.

K.S.A. 23-4,108(f)

Let the sum withheld by the employer inclusive of the premiums of the medical withholding order and the cost recovery fee be 'x.' This value 'x' should not be more than the consumer credit protection limit.

Payment of Kansas Child Support

In a majority of cases, the parent should pay this amount to the District Court Trustee or the clerk of the District Court. In very rare cases, the judge permits a parent to make direct payments to the custodial parent.

When a couple, who has children, divorce they should consider the well-being of the children as their topmost priority. Leaving their personal issues, they must give priority to this aspect. This is true for parents getting divorced in Kansas also. To ensure a good life to children, rules pertaining to child support in Kansas divorce should be followed legally and honestly.

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