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The basic support entitlement is calculated as follows.

  • The hearing officer or court finds out the annual gross income of both parents
  • When both these incomes are added, the sum is termed as 'combined annual gross income'
  • This combined income is located in the child support table. This would result in determination of the basic support the child is entitled to
  • Let us assume that there are two or more children. Then, the basic support entitled to each is multiplied by the number of children in each age category
  • The products obtained are added. The sum is called as the 'basic support entitlement'

Deviation from Divorce Maine Child Support Guidelines

In some circumstances, deviation from the guidelines is justified. Some of these circumstances are as follows.

  • The financial input of the current spouse or domestic associate of each parent and the total available income
  • Inflation related to expense of living
  • The educational requirements of the child
  • The emotional state and physical requirements of the child
  • If the marital relationship would have continued, then the standard of living the child would have experienced
  • The fiscal resources and requirements of each parent. This is inclusive of any non recurring income that has been excluded from the gross income
  • The financial resources of each child
  • The interrelationship between the following amounts
    • The award of spousal support
    • The division of property
    • The total support obligation as calculated from the guidelines
  • If support is being requested for more than 6 children
  • The non custodial parent is offering primary residential care for more than 30 percent of the duration in the year
  • The hearing officer or court has concluded that if the guidelines are applied, the result is not in the best interest of the child, it is inappropriate and unjust
  • The visitation of the child would incur considerable expenses of transportation and these would exceed 15 percent of the yearly child support obligation
  • Let us consider a child aged 12 or more. If for the best interest of the child, there are some special circumstances that make it essential that the primary residential care provider should arrange for day care due employment
  • Let us think that the obligor is awarded some tax benefits then, what are the consequences on tax? The court ponders over the following issue - which parent would be benefited most from receiving the allocation

Termination of Divorce Maine Child Support

If the court has ordered that either parent must disburse child support after 1st January 1990, the order must mention that support must be continued after the 18th birthday of the child, if the child is a student of secondary school. In such a case, out of the below mentioned circumstances, whichever happens earlier is the date of termination of child support.

  • The child attains the age of 19
  • The child is expelled from secondary school
  • The child withdraws from secondary school
  • The child graduates

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