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Combined available income (in USD) Child Support Amount for 1 child
3,501 to 4,808 719 USD plus 15 percent above 3,500
2,501 to 3,500 549 USD plus 17 percent above 2,500 USD
1,501 to 2,500 359 USD plus 19 percent above 1,500 USD
1,001 to 1,500 249 USD plus 22 percent above 1,000 USD
501 to 1,000 124 USD plus 25 percent above 500 USD
321 to 500 77 USD plus 26 percent above 320 USD
201 to 320 24 percent
101 to 200 21 percent
0 to 100 Depends on discretion of court. However, minimum 80 USD per month

Factors considered in Divorce Massachusetts Child Support

The various factors taken into account in a child support case are as follows.

  • Uninsured extraordinary dental and medical expenditure
  • Routine uninsured dental and medical expenditure
  • Dental/vision insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Age of the children
  • Child care expenses
  • Parenting time
  • Minimum and maximum level of income
  • Claims of personal exemptions for child dependents
  • Relationship to separate maintenance or alimony payments

Alteration in Divorce Massachusetts Child Support

If any one of the conditions mentioned below exists, the child support order might be altered.

  • Any material change in circumstances
  • If health insurance has become available at reasonable cost and this was not available in the past
  • Health insurance was available at reasonable expenditure in the past, but presently it is not available or available at unreasonable expenses
  • The present order is minimum 3 years old

Let us consider that when a child support order was issued in the past, it deviated from the guidelines. Presently, one of the parents has attempted to modify it as per the guidelines. The guidelines are applicable to the modified order, except in the following conditions.

  • The amount derived from the guidelines at present would be inappropriate or unjust in the given circumstances
  • The deviation is in the best interests of the child, even at present
  • The facts, due to which the court deviated from the guidelines in the past are still in existence

Circumstances that support deviation in Massachusetts Child Support

  • The child has extraordinary medical or other costs
  • The child has special aptitudes or requirements
  • The parties accede with each other regarding a particular amount and the court endorses this agreement
  • If the guidelines were applied, there would be considerable inequality in the standard of living of the 2 households. Consequently, one household would have an extremely low percentage of the combined available income
  • The payer is imprisoned. This payer would probably remain in prison for the next 3 years. Moreover, this payer does not have sufficient resources to disburse support
  • If the guidelines are applied, one of the parents would loose the capacity to support self. This is true particularly in low income cases
  • A parent has extraordinary expenditures related to parenting or travel
  • A parent has extraordinary medical expenditures
  • If the guidelines are employed, the resultant order would be inappropriate, unjust and not in the best interest of the child
  • If the guidelines are applied, the re-unification of the child with the parent would be adversely impacted. This is true when the child has been temporarily removed from the household due to alleged neglect

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