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Divorce is one of the most common issues of the modern society. The progress of the modern world is ambiguous. On one hand, we are making incredible technological advancement, whereas, on the other hand, a number of societal issues are curbing that progress. When married partners are unwilling to support each other and carry forward their relationship, they seek for divorce. But the process becomes disgusting, when children are involved. They are the ones who get most affected during this phase. In USA many children are deprived of their basic rights as their non-custodial parents do not pay child support properly. Thus child support guidelines are formed in every state in this nation to determine the amount of money that is to be allocated. Generally, this amount is continued until the child becomes emancipated. All these rules are followed in Nebraska. Nebraska divorce child support guidelines are chalked out to ensure a good life to children of divorced parents. Non-custodial parents have to make regular payments in this context; any failure in this effort makes them the subject of enforcement measures.

In Nebraska, families who receive public assistance (federal or state aid) are automatically referred for services pertaining to child maintenance. Families who do not receive such assistance have to file for an application with the state Child Support Enforcement center. They can apply in person, by phone or by downloading and completing the application form from the Internet.

Services provided by Nebraska Divorce Child Support Agencies

Divorced parents can avail the following services:

  • Establishing, modifying and enforcing child support orders
  • Locating non-custodial parents
  • Establishing paternity
  • Collection and distribution of support payments

Finding out the location of non-custodial parents is one of the foremost steps. The information provided by one parent is the most helpful tool to locate the other parent. This search is done in the following ways:

  • Checking credit records
  • Establishing contact with employers
  • Contacting the post office
  • Making calls to family members and friends
  • Making use of the Social Security Number of the parent
  • Contacting other states
The child support agency must be provided the fundamental information mentioned below to create a support order:
  • Names of parents as well as children
  • Income of parents
  • Phone numbers of parents
  • Addresses of parents
  • Social Security Numbers of parents

The above information is considered by a child support lawyer while deciding whether a court action is essential. The authority of issuing a court order lies with the court. Let us assume that one parent lives in some other state. Then, the child support agency collaborates with this other state to create or alter a support order.

Modification of order

  • The Child Support Enforcement agency can decide to review a support order once every 3 years.
  • After the review of an order, the support order may remain the same or may get increased or decreased.
Enforcement of Nebraska Divorce Child Support

The commonly used methods of enforcement are as follows:

  • Enforcement by courts using various options like jail, fine and payment plan
  • If more than 2,500 USD of past due support is owed, the passport of the parent might be withheld.
  • If more than 500 USD of past due support is owed and the case is 3 months old, then a refund might be taken from the parent's tax.
  • In cases, where the support of more than the past 3 months is owed, the following licenses might be suspended:
    • Professional
    • Fishing
    • Hunting
    • Driver's
  • If the past due support is more than 500 USD, then a report is sent to the credit agency.
  • The most efficient method is that of income withholding. In this method, money is taken out directly from the paycheck of the parent.
  • Liens on real property
  • Garnishing investments or bank accounts
Table of Income Shares Formula

All values are in USD. Please note that this is a brief version of the complete table.

Combined Monthly Income 4 children 3 children 2 children 1 child
1,000 295 277 258 239
2,000 814 745 686 477
3,000 1,323 1,216 1,017 708
4,000 1,736 1,600 1,341 932
5,000 2,011 1,855 1,549 1,059
6,000 2,221 2,049 1,700 1,164
7,000 2,358 2,176 1,819 1,247
8,000 2,483 2,282 1,908 1,309
9,000 2,551 2,352 1,966 1,348
10,000 2,591 2,388 1,994 1,336

The table mentioned here is prepared according to the guidelines that were effective from Jan.1, 1996.

Although we have included some relevant information about Nebraska divorce child support in this article, you must take the advice of an attorney to clear specific doubts regarding your case. You may also collect information from the following address:

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Child Support Enforcement
P.O. Box 94728
Lincoln, NE 68509-4728
Phone: (402) 441-8715, 1-877-631-9973

We hope that all these information will help you to fulfill your responsibilities towards your children. You must realize the fact that without emotional and financial contribution from both the parents, a child's developmental process remains incomplete.

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