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In the United States, every state participated in the "IV-D" child support enforcement program which began in 1975. This program is an initiative that involves State, Federal, local and tribal governments. In accordance with this program, Oregon situated in the Pacific Northwest region, has laid down certain rules. These rules bound non-custodial parents to disburse a certain amount from their income to the custodial parents/ guardians for the maintenance of their children. Oregon divorce child support guidelines and calculator are used to find out the monthly child subsidy obligation of any family.

In Oregon, the support obligations continue until the child becomes emancipated. The age of emancipation is 18 years. Various factors impact the awarding of the final amount like, financial resources of parents, parents' responsibility to maintain other children, expenses for extracurricular activities, child care expenditures for children who are under 13 years of age, any special needs of children, how the custody is arranged etc.

The Child Support Program in this state assists parents in the following aspects:

  • Determination of paternity
  • Locating the non-custodial parent
  • Establishment of a new support order
  • Modification of an existing order
  • Determination of past due child maintenance amount
  • Procuring medical insurance coverage for the child
  • Collection of payments for supports
  • If the spousal support order is a section of the child subsidy order, then collection of these payments

Expectations from applicants in Divorce Oregon Child Support

  • The applicant should disclose information regarding the non-custodial parent to the fullest extent. This is not a prerequisite for application, but if it is done, it proves helpful for the caseworker to locate the parent.
  • The information that is expected from the applicant regarding the non-custodial parent is mentioned below:
    • Complete name
    • Last known address
    • Social Security Number (this can be obtained from health insurance forms, old tax forms, pay stubs and driver's licenses)
    • Date of birth or approximate age
    • Address of current or last known place of work
    • The name of the state or the county where the divorce took place, if applicable
    • If there is any other subsidy order, then a copy of the same or the name of the state and county that has issued such an order
    • The birth certificate of the children along with their Social Security Number
    • Data pertaining to the assets like land, vehicles and/or bank accounts

Some applicants aim to apply for public assistance. They must contact the local District Attorney. If this attorney succeeds in procuring subsidy for the applicant, the applicant may be able to avoid public assistance. In case the applicant gets public assistance, it is expected that he/she should extend cooperation to the Division of Child Support. However, if the applicant can prove that such cooperation would be injurious to the applicant or the child, then the applicant may not cooperate.

For success in establishment of paternity or collection of support, it is expected that the person cooperates with the child support agency. This is essential whether or not the person receives public assistance.

Modification in Divorce Oregon Child Support

Any person can request the CSP (Child Support Program) to review the medical support terms or support order. The CSP would start a review only in the following cases:

  • There is evidence of consideration alteration of conditions, like:
    • The number of children covered by the order
    • The requirements of the children
    • An alteration in custody
    • Gross alteration in the income of the parents
    • Alteration in medical costs

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