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The basic child support obligations per month in West Virginia have been tabulated. The following table is a brief version of the entire table. All values are in USD.

Combined Gross Monthly Income 4 children 2 children 1 child
1,000 390 299 205
2,000 703 540 373
3,000 931 717 496
4,000 1,059 817 566
5,000 1,222 945 656

Services in Divorce West Virginia Child Support

The WV BCSE (West Virginia Bureau of Child Support Enforcement) offers the following services (this is not the complete list).

  • Review and modification of the court order
  • Enforcement of the court order
  • Collection of support payments
  • Establishment of health insurance coverage and/or medical support
  • Establishment of child support
  • Establishment of paternity in a legal manner
  • Finding the location of missing parents

In Divorce West Virginia Child Support, what to do if income is outside the table?

The basic child support obligation is calculated from a table. It caters to combined gross monthly income from 550 to 15,000 USD.

If the above mentioned income exceeds 15,000 USD, the support amount is computed as follows.

  • 6 children: 2,917 USD + (combined adjusted gross income - 15,000)
  • 5 children: 2,726 USD + (combined adjusted gross income - 15,000)
  • 4 children: 2,515 USD + (combined adjusted gross income - 15,000)
  • 3 children: 2,276 USD + (combined adjusted gross income - 15,000)
  • 2 children: 1,934 USD + (combined adjusted gross income - 15,000)
  • 1 child: 1,338 USD + (combined adjusted gross income - 15,000)

Let us see what happens if the income is less than 550 USD per month.

  • The support amount is 50 USD per month, OR
  • The court uses its own discretion, takes into account the factors mentioned below and sets a specific support amount
    • Resources of the parents
    • Living costs of the parents
    • The number of child for whom support is to be given

Investing West Virginia Child Support

  • Wherever appropriate, the court can utilize its own discretion and forward a part of the support amount to a trust. The objective is to invest money for future educational and other requirements of the child. The court may issue orders for this type of investments if all the routine daily requirements of the child are being fulfilled. The court takes into account the following issues
    • Age of the child
    • Living costs of the child
    • Living costs of the parents

  • Let us think about a situation in which the amount of child support for every child is more than 2,000 USD per month. In these cases, the court is expected to record findings in written form regarding if the investments should be made as described in the previous point

  • The court can name a trustee, who exercises care and judgment in the prevailing conditions. This person employs intelligence, discretion and prudence regarding the possible income and possible security of the capital

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