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In a majority of routine cases, the determination of child support is done by application of percentage guidelines. However, the following 2 conditions are an exception to the previous statement.

  • The court finds some cause that justifies non application of percentage guidelines
  • The parent, who does not have primary physical custody, is regarded as a shared time payer

In the above 2 cases, the court orders child support in the following manner.

1 child 2 children 3 children 4 children 5 children
17 percent 25 percent 29 percent 31 percent 33 percent

Non observance of guidelines in Divorce Wisconsin Child Support

The court considers the factors mentioned below and then may conclude that the percentage standard is not justifiable to either parent or the child/children.

  • The tax consequences for both parents
  • The educational requirements of the child
  • The emotional, mental and physical health requirements of the child, inclusive of any expenses for health insurance
  • If the custodian remains in the house, the value of the custodial services of this custodian
  • If the custodian works outside home, the expenses of day care
  • The wish that the custodian should stay in the residence as a full-time parent
  • The standard of living that would be experienced by the child if the marriage would not have been terminated in legal separation, divorce or annulment
  • The financial resources of both parents as well as the child
  • Any other factors that are thought to be relevant by the court

Determination of paternity in Divorce Wisconsin Child Support

In this state, paternity can be established in the following 3 ways.

  • After the birth of the child, the parents can marry. The state's 'Legitimation form' needs to be filled
  • The Department of Child Support Enforcement begins the legal process for paternity. This department informs both parents regarding this case. The parents have a chance to appear in court and request for genetic tests prior to finalization of this issue
  • The father and the mother can legally accede with each other regarding this issue. Both must put down their signatures on the 'Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement' that is a special state form

Income Withholding in Wisconsin Child Support

After a new income withholding notice is dispatched, payments should start in 2 to 4 weeks. This duration is essential for the following to happen.

  • Sending mails to the employer and payroll processing
  • Mailing the payment to WI SCTF (Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund)

Till the deductions of money from the paychecks begin, the parent should make payments directly to WI SCTF. It may happen that the recipient of child support does not get the payment within 30 days after the date on which the notice was dispatched. Such a recipient should approach the customer service.

Termination of Wisconsin Child Support

The order of child support ceases to exist on whichever of the following occurs later.

  • The 18th birthday of the child
  • The child's high school graduation date

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