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A child is not eligible for child support in the following situations.

  • If the child joins military service
  • The child is legally emancipated
  • The child marries
  • Whichever of the following occurs later
    • The child graduates from high school
    • The child completes 18 years of age
Garnishment of wages in Divorce Wyoming Child Support

This state also has provisions for income withholding. This implies that the amount of child support is deducted from the paycheck of the obligor parent. This withheld money is directed to the state agency. There are some agencies that are authorized to get and disburse these payments. The agency confirms that the obligor has paid the support and then directs it to the recipient parent.

The above process is regarded as an extremely dependable mode and both parents find it very easy to observe it.

Permanency of Divorce Wyoming Child Support and Custody orders

Let us consider the following circumstances.

  • There is considerable alteration in the income of the parents
  • Some significant changes have occurred in the living arrangements of the children
In either or both of the above conditions, the court orders that are related to child support and custody may be modified by the court. Although, the previous statement is a fact, it is advisable that the parents should not enter into an agreement on the basis of an idea that it can always be altered in the future.

Payment of medical insurance

Usually, the marital settlement agreement comprises of clauses that clarify which parent is expected to pay medical bills of the child and which parent will provide the medical insurance coverage. If the settlement does not have these details, the court may order either parent to arrange for these expenses.

Generally, if any parent's employment provides a reasonable medical insurance plan, then this parent is expected to cover for the child using this plan.

Enforcement of Wyoming Child Support

The child support officer can resort to the following methods.

  • Interception of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax refund of the non custodial parent (NCP). In order to initiate this step, the custodial parent usually has to pay some fee
  • Providing a reference of the NCP to the United States Attorney with the intention of prosecution
  • Making a request for the denial or suspension of the following licenses of the NCP
    • Recreational
    • Occupational
    • Professional
    • Driver's
  • Making the following charges on the NCP
    • Criminal non support
    • Civil contempt of court This may result in incarceration
  • Making a request for denial of passport
  • Putting a lien on the bank accounts or property of the NCP
  • Sending a report about the NCP to the credit reporting bureau. This step can result in interference in the NCP's qualification for getting a car, boat or house loan

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