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Divorce is defined as the "dissolution of marriage" in legal terms. This breaking of the union can be a disturbing experience for the partners. Often, the partners face financial problems and experience negative feelings during the legal termination of marriage. Both the partners come across similar issues during marriage. But, the approach towards these issues may be different for both spouses. Therefore, there is need to have separate services for both the partners. Divorce counseling for men provides guidance on issues related to the male partner, especially fathers. It can be arranged before the dissolution or after the legal procedure is over.

Features of Divorce Counseling for Men

There are many organizations in the United States that execute a nationwide assistance service for men. Some of them provide these services over the telephone at an affordable price. But generally, the personal meetings are preferred for discussing problems.

The procedure of telephonic divorce counseling is as follows -

  • In order to initiate the process, the client has to submit his narrative description and/or any relevant paper(i.e. that throws light on the issue of separation).
  • The counselors would study this material for a few days and then call the client for a telephonic consultation as per the convenience of the client.
  • This consultation is scheduled for 2 hours.
  • Generally, the client has to pay fees for the required number of consulting sessions in advance. If the client schedules further consultations, it is essential to pay for it first.

The procedure of Personal counseling sessions -

  • The procedure starts with the registration of the individual in the clinic of a counselor.
  • The clients meet the counselor personally as per the scheduled time and date. These meetings can last for approximately one and half hour. The duration varies according to the clients.
  • The fees for these sessions can be paid at the end of the consulting meetings. The extension of the schedule is to be planned with the concerned counselor.

This type of session is strictly confidential. It is conducted by advocate-counselors, who have experience in a multiple issues related to such cases. The fees paid for this service are not tax-deductible, as they come under service expenses.

Guidelines given during Divorce Counseling for Men

The counselors focus on different aspects of the dissolution of marriage such as emotional issues, financial troubles, legal assistance, etc. Some of the tips given during these sessions are -

  • Every male partner should maintain a civil tone in the discussions with their wives. This would prove beneficial to both in the long run. They should restrict the urge to prop up old injuries and hurts.
  • They should not cut up words. In other words, they should clearly state their position and their demands. It is not a good idea to create misunderstanding over little issues.
  • It is essential to locate a private place to break the news to the wife. If the couple has children, ensure that at this time they are placed with a reliable caretaker.
  • Prior to confrontation with the spouse, person should seek assistance in the form of legal counsel. This counsel would warn the husband regarding any potential lawsuit issues.
  • If a husband is certain that he wants a final separation before beginning a discussion with his wife, he must undergo all counseling options prior to informing the wife about such decision. In this way, it is possible to avoid a possibility of future abandonment, accusations and regrets by the wife.

Why men seek divorce?

  • Sexual relations play a crucial role in the life of a man. Physical relations that have been hampered by adultery or incompatibility of partner can cause a husband to seek assistance.
  • It is a fact that neither the husband nor the wife can be blamed for lack of conception. But, it may hamper their marital relations and leads a man to the decision of getting separated.
  • A universal rule is that men do not like to be dominated. They like to have a sense of control over their surroundings. When a man feels that his control is at risk, then the man thinks about seeking emotional assistance.
  • Emotional cruelty on part of the wife is also one of the reasons why a man approaches dissolution of marriage.
Male partners opt for professional help to have legal information about the dissolution of marriage and its implications. Also, they require help to solve the marital issues with the assistance of some techniques. Thus, divorce counseling for men works in two ways to achieve its objectives.

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