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Marriage is considered as a beautiful and sacred bond of two people, which involves commitment, support and love. But, there are some practical aspects of this union like economical and social conditions of both partners. Sometimes, these aspects work as a reason of conflict between partners and marriages reach to the verge of a breakdown. Disintegration of the union is unavoidable if no effort for saving the marriage is fruitful. At such point of time, divorce counseling services play an important role.

The spouses can approach for guidance individually or with their partner. These types of advice sessions consist of meetings with a trained counselor who tries to resolve the issues by discussion. Also, these sessions serve as a help to get mentally prepared for the upcoming disintegration of marriage. Those who wish to undertake the services must make three solid commitments as they be advice sessions -

  • They would attend a fixed number of guidance sessions (at least six or so).
  • Until these sessions are completed; they would take no action that is not consistent with staying married. Also, they should not get into any relationship with a third party.
  • If any member desires any extraordinary withdrawals or expenditures of cash, these must be by mutual consent.
The main objective of these meetings is to ascertain an amicable separation.

Who provides Divorce Counseling Services?

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

  • Has a Master's degree
  • Has completed a professional certification regimen that emphasizes practical skills
  • The standards vary from one state to another
  • The clinical requirements for LPCs are more than LCSWs
Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Has a Master's degree
  • Has 2 years of supervised clinical experience
  • Has a Ph.D. in the field of psychology
  • The training of a psychologist emphasizes practical guidance
  • Is a medical doctor
  • Can prescribe medications
  • Generally do not act as a guide for dissolution much, and hence are not specifically adroit at it
  • As compared to other mental health professionals, they charge more hourly fees

Need for Divorce Counseling Services

  1. When one gets married, separation is not expected. However, if it happens, it is one of the most difficult phases in life. Many people do not know whom to approach for assistance. At this juncture, advice regarding dissolution is of great assistance. Following are some important points regarding these sessions:
  • When a person decides to divorce, he/she usually approaches a lawyer. The lawyer is experienced with the legal aspects and the financial decisions. However, the lawyer cannot address other issues. It is here that counseling service comes in handy. These are associated with topics like property distribution, spousal support, child custody and other issues.
  • During a dissolution of marriage, one has to suffer great emotional pain. Not many people can understand the heartache of the person undergoing the court procedure. Some guidance services are provided by professionals and these offer psychological assistance.
  • One of the hardest factors to be settled in a legal proceeding is that of children. There are cases wherein separated partners fight for several years for child custody and child support. Lawyers definitely do not have adequate understanding of the emotional issues related to this topic. Here, assistance services provide help by offering various therapies for children and parents.

Types of Divorce Counseling

There are two types of counselors with respect to their approach to the clients:

The first type attempts to preserve the marriage at all costs. They work on the personal, moral and religious beliefs. The second type has a more neutral mode of working. They help the clients to explore self feelings, doubts and desires and accordingly decide whether they want to remain married.

It would not be correct to state that one type is better than the other. However, it is a fact that for a particular type of client, one style is more suited than the other.

Benefits of the Process

It is seen that these type of assistance prove very useful to the divorcing couples and respective families. These sessions help the couple to understand their requirements and express their emotions in a better manner. Following are some other advantages of this process:

  • Prepares the partners for the legal process and legal aspects of it.
  • Helps the spouses to overcome the negativity caused by broken relationships and depressive feelings.
  • Prepares children for the effects and consequences of the termination of marriage. Assists the spouses to clear up their minds and indulge in new relationships.
This is a brief overview of divorce counseling services. The spouses should approach for this kind of advice at the earlier stages of the dissolution of marriage, as it may help the counselor to solve the marital issues in a better manner.

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