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Divorce can be a disturbing factor for partners and related people to them. Often, it is seen that other members suffer through various problems during the dissolution process. Family counseling during or after divorce is the best option to deal with monitory and emotional problems of the members.

Divorce counseling is a set of therapies that are used to assist the members. These therapies are carried out by trained counselors. The main objective of these therapies is to encourage proper communication between the members in the same house and solve the problems by interacting with the clients. Here are some important aspects of counseling.

Duration of the Counseling related to Divorce

Every familiar issue or couple is different. So, it is a tough task to estimate the number of sessions that are essential to complete the counseling. This duration is mainly decided on the basis of the following factors:

The objective of the family/couple

During the initial sessions, the counselor tries to identify the objectives of the couple and other family members. This enables them to clarify the vision of what everybody wants to achieve, at the conclusion of the counseling. It also becomes possible to keep the track of all changes during the process.

The existing issues of the family/couple

Different families/couples have different issues that exist due to various reasons. Each issue requires varying time and attention. It is found that some people may find it uncomfortable to attend a counseling session. Sometimes it is essential to deal with any concerns or questions in order to create a feeling of safety. On an average 15 to 24 sessions are necessary to complete the counseling. Obviously, the clients reserve the right to stop attending sessions at any time they feel so. In such cases, there are no obligations except the fees that have been accrued.

Frequency of sessions

Usually, the families/couples have a weekly schedule with the counselor. Every session lasts for 45 minutes on an average. There is a warning that if the clients do not meet regularly, they may lose the momentum created in the initial sessions and thereby, postpone the completion of the counseling. Generally, the counselor charges 100 percent fees and provides a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Features of Family Counseling regarding Divorce

A usual complaint of many people is that they think they are not properly heard and understood by the other members at their house. counseling is a secure place where family members can open up lines of communication, improve relationships and work through problems.

After counseling, related people can work through bitterness and start releasing the negative emotions. They can move closer to one another and feel greater appreciation, love and respect for one another. The members begin feeling secure while sharing their feelings and thoughts. A counselor assists a family to improve their communication so that it becomes possible to understand, accept and respect each other's perspective.

Family counseling decreases the possibility of worsening of the problems and the relationships moving apart or becoming mutually destructive. Research has proved that the mental and physical health of other members is considerably increased after counseling.

Those families who intend to build a happy, healthy and strong relationship are recommended to undergo counseling. Is it not true that great relationships would not occur out of nothing? There is a need to invest commitment, effort and time. There are numerous examples of families that have faced very difficult times and have then resolved to work them out, collectively. It is a fact that this has resulted in one of the most successful, closest and happiest families.

Due to the counseling, there is assistance and hope. There is no need for any person to suffer from the pressures of unresolved problems.

Techniques used for counseling during divorce

There are number of scientific methods that are used by the counselors. These counselors have enough experience of these techniques. Here are some of such methods of counseling:

  • Group counseling: It is a method used to start communication among family members. It encourages them to share their views and problems with each other.
  • Individual sessions: Sometimes, a person may not feel comfortable sharing some private problems in front of other people. For such situations, individual sessions are arranged where a person can freely express his/her thoughts.
  • Releasing session: Counselors may use the releasing session for clients to help them to release their emotions and get rid of negative thoughts. Counselors have to handle this session very carefully as the members may burst their feelings out during interaction.

Thus, counseling may prove very useful throughout the process of divorce and after it. The spouses should choose the counselor carefully to fulfill their requirements in the best manner.

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