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Divorce is final disintegration of the family in a legal way. This kind of dissolution can have long-lasting impact on the whole family. Often, the spouses face emotional disturbances like depression, loneliness and insecurity. The children find it difficult to handle the stress and changes in situation after split between their parents. Therefore group counseling is necessary for the parents and children. Also, it can be helpful to the spouses to overcome the feelings of loss and anger.

Counseling can be of various types. It can be personal session or family counseling. Generally, group counseling is preferred by many spouses. The benefits of group counseling during separation are as follows:

  • It creates a sense of belonging.
  • A sense of sharing one's problems with peers is developed.
  • Development of positive attitude and problem solving skills.

In order to optimize the benefits of group therapy, the right sort of therapy needs to be selected. For example, peer group therapy is optimum for teens while family group therapy is ideal for younger kids.

Divorce Group Counseling for Parents

Some of the topics discussed in parent group counseling workshops are as follows:

  • How is it possible to ascertain best possible education for the children?
  • Which are the best educational choices for the children?
  • How to deal with issues that prop up in the lives of the children?
  • How to define appropriate discipline?

It has been observed that parents are unprepared to take up the role of a single parent. During group counseling, the parent is assured that he/she is not alone in the world with respect to the uncertainties and concerns. These workshops provide tried and tested techniques and tools that would enable them to become efficient parents.

The group counseling sessions inculcate positive discipline techniques, so that it is possible to prevent power struggles and contentious arguments with the children. These workshops assist the parents to incorporate the values like self-esteem, responsibility and co-operation in the relation with the child.

Divorce Group Counseling for Kids

When a couple finalizes to get depart, they opt for counseling. It is a fact that children are profoundly affected by the separation of their parents. So, children also need counseling. During group counseling, these kids realize that they are not the only individuals in the world, who have these concerns and worries. They understand how other kids have addressed the topic of divorce. This helps the children to emerge out of the this situation as healthy and complete individuals.

The counselors identify various aspects that the children are finding difficult. It is ascertained that these kids learn efficient methods to deal with these aspects. The counseling session helps the children to continue a meaningful relationship with the father and mother. It prepares them for the upcoming alterations in their lives.

Things that parents can do simultaneously with Divorce Counseling

  • Replying to the queries and questions of the children honestly and lovingly.
  • Imbibing the thought in the minds of the children that their father and mother would continue to support them, as they did in their marital life.
  • Making the children realize that posteffect, the children will be able to stay connected with both parents. None of the parents would be hurt by knowing that the child wants to be with the other parent.
  • The biggest concern for children during separation is that they take this condition as their fault. So, the parents must not leave any stone unturned to assure that the children do not develop this opinion.
  • Minimizing any commotions in the activities and lives of the children. There should not be any outbursts in front of the children.
  • All of the children should be treated equally by the parents after the split. None of them should be given a special treatment by any parent.

Divorce group counseling for Spouses

The spouses not having children at the time of separation opt to go for a simple divorce in most cases. However, they do suffer owing to the negative impact of such split on their mentality and social status. Group counseling will help them to get in touch with people facing similar problems. In several support groups, they can share their experiences and advices with others. Thus it would assist them to handle the post divorce issues in a better and easy manner. The people going through the same phase of life can assist each other in many aspects such as legal and financial matters.

In this way, group counseling can prove to be beneficial for all couples going through this legal procedure.

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