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Divorce is known as a painful and disturbing legal procedure for the spouses. If it is a contested case, then the children are suffered equally as the parents. The partners fight a long battle over the guardianship, which disturbs the mentality and development of the minor ones in a very bad manner. To avoid these complicated situations, the spouses can opt for divorce custody agreements. It is a simplest way to assure a better future for the child, without involving in long-term fights with the partner.

A parenting plan is the base that decides the nature of guardianship after the dissolution of marriage. Generally, the kid requires both partners in his/her growth years for providing support and care. Only one spouse will not be able to handle all the responsibility of the child's upbringing. With exceptions of extreme cases like domestic violence, it is advisable to share the custody. Thus, parents can form a mutual accord by having discussions with each other. This is a crucial document that comprises of the following details:

  • Responsibilities and decision making rights about the religion, health and education.
  • The duration for which the spouse has access to the child inclusive of special events, some occasions and holidays.
  • The residency plan inclusive of arrangement to move from one place to other.
  • The financial responsibility like monitory support.

Desirable Divorce Custody Agreements

It is necessary to remember that these parenting arrangements are made to provide a secure and encouraging atmosphere for a child. Therefore, the spouses need to take care of all the general and specific needs of their kid. While developing such legal document, the spouses must keep in mind the following points -

  • The minors should not be required to make compromises. They should be provided with practical and emotional stability.
  • The parents may make compromises regarding visitation and sharing holidays.
  • As the couple decides to terminate their mutual relationship, minor ones must not be at a disadvantage. The spouses should be able to provide enough time for the kid, even after getting involved in a new relationship.
  • The kid should be able to maintain a relationship with both the father and the mother. No parent should try to restrict or alienate the kids from the other one.
If spouses keep these essential points in mind during discussions over guardianship plan, they would be able to stay focused and organized.

Limitations of Divorce Custody Agreements

Generally, this type of arrangement is drafted keeping the present age and development of the child in mind. The fact that the minors would grow with time, and thereby will have different requirements is completely missed. For example, a contract that is drafted for a toddler will make little sense when he/she grows to be a teenager. Several people stress on their own requirements while drafting an arrangement. Divorce lawyers and judges refer to the terms of the best interests of the child set by law. However, they have little knowledge about development. Obviously, the judge or lawyer cannot take a decision on the basis of requirements of the child.

The ideal parenting plan is that which takes into account the stages of development of the child and makes the necessary arrangements. Therefore, the spouses must study the psychological and emotional aspects of child development before making an arrangement.

Tips for developing an Ideal Divorce Custody Agreement

  • Bear in mind that as the circumstances change with time, it is possible to modify the plan. All that is essential to do is the necessary changes in plan according to alterations in the present situations.
  • There is a perpetual need of the child to get undivided attention and affection from partners. So, they must commit to a loving and stable atmosphere.
  • While developing new relationships or starting a new family, a partner must take into account the opinion of the kids from previous marriage.
  • As per the changes in the growth years of a kid, a spouse must take initiative to provide the required support and attention.
  • Both partners should keep at least formal contacts with each other. So that they would be comfortable while discussing and making changes for preserving the best interests of a child.
Thus, a joint parenting plan is a tool that can keep away the little ones from disturbing blame-games and fights. After the finalization, the agreement has to be submitted in the court during case hearing. The judge will study it and provide the court approval. Once it is legally recognized, it is binding on both spouses.

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