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Attorneys who deal with child guardianship or dissolution cases are named 'family law attorneys.' Out of these, some are 'certified specialists' in family law. This implies that they have fulfilled the state Bar's standard for certification. It is quite possible that you may come across some lawyers, who do not have such certification, but have experience in family law. While searching for a good divorce custody lawyer, following points are to be considered -

Selection of Divorce Custody Lawyers

  • The parent seeking the legal guardianship of the child must refer to local yellow pages and view the entries under "Attorney." Then, he/she should note the names and telephone numbers of all legal officers in the neighborhood. Nowadays, Internet can be used to find the list of working attorneys in your area.
  • The parent can ring the state bar association to request for recommendations of some attorneys in the neighborhood. They can provide you with the details of legal experts who are specialized in this field.
  • Later, all references of child custody legal professionals should be verified and compared. Once you finalize a filtered list, you can check the success rates and methods of these professionals through legal agencies. You can contact the previous customers in order to collect information about them.
  • The parent should communicate with family members and friends in order to obtain recommendations regarding this issue. Any of these individuals, who have undergone through such a situation, can guide the parent regarding their queries. Also, you can have an idea about a court procedure and requirements by having a word with such people.
  • On the basis of recommendations and feedbacks, you have to select some attorneys to have an appointment with. It is necessary to meet the legal professionals before taking decision of hiring them for your case.
  • Several attorneys offer a free initial consultation while some charge a fee. The parent should ponder whether the latter has a better reputation. Then, after due regard for individual requirements and finances, the parent must attend this consultation.
  • Prior to the initial consultation, the parent must note down the questions that he/she should ask during the meeting. These might encompass the following topic -
    • Trust funds
    • Health and life insurance
    • Child support
    • Physical and legal custody
  • You should ask all relevant questions with regard to your doubts and legal provisions. After the first consultation meeting, the parent should prepare notes of the discussion. The parent should find out following things during the meeting -
    • Is he/ she professional as well as friendly?
    • Does this person makes you feel confident and at ease?
    • What are the fee structures and payment options of the services?
  • After all the initial appointments are over and notes regarding each are ready, you can compare all these notes. This would assist in selecting the lawyer who is best suited for a divorce proceeding.
  • Ensure that you make a legal contract or agreement with an individual, who has been chosen for your case. This time, you can inquire about the fees and structure of payment. The attorney may accept a favorable deal with discounted fees, if it is offered in a proper way.
Some types of Divorce Custody Lawyers

There are many different types of attorneys, who handle child custody cases. Two important types can be mentioned as below -

Consulting Lawyer

  • He/she does not undertake the complete responsibility of handling or overseeing the case.
  • This person assists the parent within some limits that can be defined by an agreement.
  • Some of the responsibilities can be as follow -
    • Signing off an agreement
    • Accompanying the parent to mediation
    • Guiding the parent to present an argument in the court
    • Assisting the parent to develop a negotiation strategy
Collaborative Lawyer
  • This professional does not represent the parent in court regarding any unresolved issues
  • The person works with both parents and the representative of the opposite party to reach a settlement on all issues
  • Some work areas are as follows -
    • Negotiation of family issues
    • Selection of common experts
    • Exchange of relevant data between the parents
It is necessary to remember that you must find a lawyer who can confront your questions and testimonies in a friendly manner. Many legal experts do have sound legal knowledge, but possess professional tact to behave with their client. If you are comfortable in sharing your realities and experiences with this person, he or she may be able to represent your case in a better manner.

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