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It has been observed that if the divorcing spouses having minor children, they opt for third party resolution to solve the parenting plan conflict. In this counseling, it is likely that they develop a 60 to 70 percent settlement of the issues. The crucial point is that in this method, the couples have total control over the parenting plan. On the other hand, in lawsuits the judge determines this plan. Thus, it is obvious that parents are much satisfied with divorce custody mediation as compared to a lawsuit.

What is meant by Mediation?

It is a process in which a third person helps to resolve the marital conflicts. The partners discuss their problems with a mediator. Mediator is a person who is professionally trained for this purpose. He or she will try to find new solutions or apply existing solutions to solve the disputes. In such issues, a mediator aims at avoiding a contested procedure and finds a mutually agreed solution over the issue.

Points to be observed in Divorce Custody Mediation

  • The parents should approach a mediator who -
    • Has a business-like and flexible attitude
    • Carry a calendar that comprises of work schedules, school holidays and a schedule for the activities.
    • Have a time sharing plan and proposal.
  • Any person should not withhold this situation to punish the other.
  • Each couple should recognize that the child needs to spend time with both of them. Moreover, he or she must be placed in a safe ambience that is developed according to a parenting plan.
  • One should not bad-mouth the other.
  • Every spouse should admit the strengths of the other one. Side by side every spouse can raise concerns regarding the other's capacity to raise the child with care.
  • No person should assume that a standard plan will be ready in no time to fulfill the requirements of the child. They must have patience during meetings.
  • They should recognize the special requirements of the kid as per his/her temperament, age and stage of development.
  • When the spouses are attempting to resolve the parenting plan, they must not prop up other issues like property distribution or support.
  • The partners must never concentrate on their own needs. Instead, they must focus on the requirements of the child.

Tips for Divorce Custody Mediation

  • Parents must perform their homework prior to the meeting. This homework can include pondering over various proposals and writing them down on paper. This ensures that no point is missed during the session.
  • Each partner must consider the impact of their decision on the child.
  • During the process, the spouse must have an open mind and must not be reluctant to hear what other individuals (the ex spouse and the mediator) say. This is the attitude essential to develop a mutually satisfying parenting plan.
  • Some parents regard that there are limited solutions to custody disputes. Such people are inflexible and do not compromise. This behavior is not desirable. They must brainstorm to find options that satisfy the needs of all those involved.
  • A session is not a chance to repeat marital problems. So, partners should make it a point not to evoke the fights between them.
  • If a discussion becomes tense, the partners should learn to control themselves in order to make the atmosphere normal. Emotional outbursts and loss of control will lead the issue to more complications.

Benefits of Divorce Custody Mediation

  • This process is highly recommended for the couples having minor children. The sole reason behind it is the positive effects of such process. Generally a contested litigation over guardianship issue brings a lot of stress and tension between couples. On the contrary, negotiation brings a platform where the spouses can share their thoughts in a cool and calm environment. They can retain good relations, which is beneficial for the child's future.
  • Discussion over the differences of the opinions of partners is the best way to maintain dignity and respect for each family member. There is no blame game involved in this procedure. Thus, it is far from the usual stressful and bitter atmosphere created by a normal litigated method.
  • Apart from these advantages, this proves a best option when resolving of financial issues is concerned. The fees for these counseling sessions are comparatively less than a court procedure. Also, the spouses can arrange the meetings according to their routine. So it is convenient and comfortable for both of them.
To start a negotiation process is quite an easy task. You can approach your lawyer for the contact details of mediators working in this field. Once you choose a professional, you can immediately start a process by consulting your partner. The divorce custody mediation can be of great assistance in securing a better future for the child.

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