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A disintegration of a family leaves all family members in trauma. The adults find it difficult to cope up with the emotional problems and financial issues coming after divorce. The children, who are involved in such separation, may go through a lot of mental problems while adjusting to practical changes. In such situation, the most concerning issue is of parenting plan. Divorce custody to mother is an important aspect of this matter.

After the dissolution of marriage, minor members of the family are in need of support and care of parents. But, it is seen that many times this issue results into innumerable conflicts between partners. The court studies the matter during case trails and decides which spouse is responsible enough to take care of the kids. In case of a mother, following rules will apply:

  • The custody of younger babies must be given to a female spouse.
  • The custodian of a girl should be her mother. The custodian of a boy should be his father, if this boy is no longer in need of continuous care.
  • In case the child is of such an age that he/she can form an intelligent preference, then his/her choice regarding his/her custodian is considered.
  • The non custodial parent is offered rights of visitation. However, if the visitation results in grave physical or emotional harm to the child, it may be denied.

These four general regulations are followed by any court while awarding guardianship to a female partner. Previously, guardianship of minor ones was a sole right of a father. Gradually, it became the primary responsibility of mothers to handle the kids. Now-a days, the court do not favor any of the spouses as such. It considers several factors while ensuring that the best interests of the child are secured. These factors can be stated as follows:

  • The economical status and capacity to fulfill the requirements of a family.
  • The job responsibilities and other obligations on the parents.
  • The relation between a mommy and the kids. Level of support, care and love in such relation.
  • Ability of the custodian to accept and permit regular contacts of the kids with their father.

Highlights of Divorce Custody to mother

A study was conducted on more than 150 women, who had been awarded the custody of children aged from 8 to 12. At the end of 5 months of handling the legal rights, the following results were obtained:

  • Those women who had some social and family support did not think it was essential to seek new support.
  • Those spouses who lacked social and family support felt its need.

Thus, it can be concluded that in the post divorce period, a parent should do the following to confirm that she does not become lonely or isolated:

  • Maintain friendships
  • Build social support
  • Indulge in development of hobbies and new interests

  • During the post divorce period, she should concentrate on her emotional strength and adjustment. This would benefit her in the following manner:
    • Retaining the essential patience
    • Feeling more energetic and robust
    • Working out frustrations
  • If she has a consistent disciplined routine, she develops more active and less avoiding strategies. She is more efficient in the following ways:
    • Organizing the resources
    • Acknowledging potentially grave problems
    • Reacting fast to lessen or solve the above problem

Important Tips Regarding Custody to Mother

Usually, it is regarded that mothers are more close to a younger one, take complete responsibility of the upbringing and nurture the kids with care. But, there is a financial aspect to this as well. Sometimes, it may happen that women find it difficult to obtain a full custody. Here are some tips for gaining legal rights over the child:

  • It is important to appoint an experienced and good attorney to represent the case in the court. A strong presentation and sufficient evidences can help to obtain full guardianship.
  • The court will strive to achieve the bests interests of child in this lengthy and emotional battle. Female spouses should keep in mind that they can provide enough care and financial support to a kid.
  • In order to fulfill all requirements of the family, she should be able to find appropriate job opportunities with a stable income. The court will take into account the monthly income and expenditure of the future custodian. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure your earning abilities before proceeding for a court appeal.

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