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Let us consider that the spouses seeking child custody have spoken among themselves regarding how to develop the custody plan and the possibility of sole custody. Irrespective of this talk, the courts in this state give a priority to the "best interests of the child." The laws in Wyoming clearly specify that at the beginning of a child custody case, none of the parents would be favored. However, it has been observed that in reality, 75 percent of the cases, the mother is granted custody.

Factors considered by the court in Divorce Wyoming Custody

In order to develop a custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child, the court contemplates the following issues.

  • The present mental and physical capacity of each parent to take due care of the child
  • By what distance are the residences of the parents separated?
  • The capacity and inclination of each parent to respect the other parent's responsibilities and rights, inclusive of the right to privacy
  • Whether one parent is permitting the other parent to take care of the child without any intrusion?
  • What is the mode and level of interaction and communication between each parent and the child? What are the methods of enhancement of this interaction and communication?
  • The way by which the child and each parent can maintain a relationship at the best possible level of comfort and simultaneously, reinforce it
  • The readiness of each parent to accede to all responsibilities of parenting. This is inclusive of acceding to take care of the child at specific moments and delegate care to the other parent at other specific moments
  • The relative fitness and competency of the father and the mother
  • The capacity of each parent to ensure that sufficient care of the child is being taken at all moments in the period of responsibility. If required, can this parent make arrangements for the child's care by other individuals?
  • The quality of the relationship each child has with the father as well as mother
  • The court might conclude that some other factor is also essential and relevant to the child custody arrangements
Highlights of Divorce Wyoming Custody
  • At any moment, the court can issue orders that the parents should remain present for apt parenting classes. These classes may be inclusive of those classes that guide them how to decrease the effects of divorce on children
  • The custodial and non custodial parents have equal rights regarding access to the records of the child. Such records are inclusive of mental health records, dental treatment providers, medical treatment providers, teacher's conferences and school records and activities. However, as per the facts in each custody case, the court might issue contrary orders
  • There is freedom to present evidences of child or spousal abuse. Then, the court concludes whether such an abuse has taken place. Additionally, the court may pass rulings to safeguard the child

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