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Every couple after the birth of their bundle of joy expects to be together, and see the child growing up over the years. However, many a times, due to a few differences in the ways of opinion and thought, the couple or the parents of the child find it extremely difficult to stick along together, and be jointly involved in looking after the child. In those cases, at times a divorce seems inevitable. Even though, no person wants to get united in a marriage only for it to come to an end eventually, at times a divorce seems like the best option possible, even more than sticking around together in the same house under the same roof and having a series of regular physical and verbal abuses, affecting the child in the worst possible way. However, divorce affects on children are bad, and it brings with it the factors of confusion, sadness and stress for the child.

To every child, the relationship that is shared between the parents seems to be the base, depending on which an impression about the union between individuals or rather of the entire institution of marriage is formed as a whole. In cases of divorce effects on children, to be a witness of a failed relationship between the two most important and loved persons in the environment is a matter of huge doubt and sadness; something which might make it extremely difficult to develop healthy relationships with members of the opposite gender later on in their lives. Such children have had a history of failed relationships or no relationship in their lives as well. Hence, even if the couples or the parents of a child come to realize their incompatibility to stick together with each other under any circumstances, they have to put in their best efforts to make sure that the child is taken care of and is not affected or lose their emotional balance and trust for the parents. A child views the relationship between the parents as the foundation, depending on which almost all his emotional and mental opinion and outlook on life as a whole gets shaped. If this very foundation appears shaky, it is but obvious that the poor child would feel the ground beneath the feet shaken as well. A few of the most common responses to the prospect of a broken relationship between the parents or a divorce in the affected child are that of anger and uncertainty, which at times might lead to disturbing and violent behavioral changes; a common case of divorce effects on children. Hence, it is but the duty of the couple or the parents of the child to take all care to make sure that this is avoided to the best possible extent. The process as well as the effects of a divorce, with the due assistance of the couple can have the possibility of being made as less painful as possible in the best interest of the child. The best possible way in which the children can be made to not feel the associated sadness and stress of a break up or failure in the relationship between the parents or a divorce is to provide a stable atmosphere in the home, so that children can feel that their parents are still with them whenever they call out to them. Even though, this might help, there are still chances that it may not, because as every child is unique, so are their needs and requirements, which none but only the parents can know and deal with them.

A divorce, or a failure on the part of the parents to provide the children with the company as well as care and love of both of them, might hamper many a thing in the children. Some of which are listed as follows:

  • The poor child having no idea of what is going on around, might resort to an alteration improvement of behavior or traits, with the faint hope that this might assist in saving the relationship between the parents.
  • The children might suffer from insecurity arising from the thought of either having to compromise with the care and company of either one of the parents, or from being put in a hostel with unknown people, which is not something that we do not see occurring in our society in case of divorce effects on children.
  • It is never known and at most times unexpected what particular changes of behavior might occur in the child after the splitting up of the parents. The worst possible thing that can happen in divorce effects on children is the onset of a few physical ailments, which is a matter of concern for all.
  • The poor and unfortunate child might blame himself or herself for the pertinent divorce or break up, and resort to a few unwanted acts following this thought. One of the most common things that can happen to the traumatized or troubled child is the direction of all the anger and pain inside one's own self, and as a result show symptoms of withdrawal from the immediate environment and people.
  • Another very common behavioral issue that has been noticed to take place among such children is the direction of all the anger, pain and suffering to some outward object or person and start misbehaving with people around.
  • However, all these effects or rather affects are manifested by different children in different ways, depending on their ages at the time of the divorce taking place.

It is something very obvious that the outlook of a child towards the world is different from that of an adult. Similarly, how we adults view the factor of divorce is quite different from that of a child, with most of us depending on the factor of his or her age as well. This impact of a break up or divorce can be generally categorized on the basis of the child's age, which is infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school children and preteens or adolescents. Even though it has been observed by a general survey that the impact of a divorce has its worst affect on a child for a span of 2 to 3 years after the procedure, in case of a few children it has been observed that , the evil of divorce has a much long term affect where the child is traumatized all throughout the years of youth.

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