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Divorce is the final solution over marital conflicts. It allows the partners to be physically and socially separated. It is a legal process to be carried out in the court. It has been observed that divorce rates are increasing day by day in all groups of society. There are certain reasons for the rapid growth in such statistics. Some such causes have been discussed below.

Major causes of divorce in America


There is a saying that 'Money is the root of all evil'. Irrespective of the existence of love between a couple, money is required to lead a normal life. When there is dearth of money in a marriage, this can lead to disputes. These may escalate into intense quarrels and finally culminate in a legal separation. Following are the situations that can result into separation of the partners:

  • Sometimes overspending by one spouse can put the couple in debt. The other partner may want to get separated due to constant indebtedness.
  • At the time of marriage, the money that seemed adequate for the couple appears insufficient for a family after some years.
  • If one spouse makes all the financial decisions, the other spouse may not accede to all the decisions.
  • The positive or negative change in financial status of one partner, may lead to conflicts between a couples.

Dearth of Communication

One of the most usual causes of legal separation is lack of communication.

  • When it comes to finalizing decisions pertaining to children, the spouses fail to communicate openly with each other.
  • When decisions are to be made regarding shared finances, several couples do not communicate properly with each other.
  • There are many married couples, who have an opinion that in a marriage, minor problems do occur frequently. There is no need to talk about these issues. However, lack of communication regarding these small matters may also lead to conflict between the partners.
  • Sometimes, there is vast difference in thoughts and personalities of both spouses. They find it difficult to share their views with each other.

Other causes of divorce in America

  • Individuals marry with considerable amount of "expectations" from the married life. In case, these expectations are not fulfilled or partially unfulfilled, the frustration may result in it.
  • The "family background" of a person has a gross impact on him/her. If the parents of a person are divorced, the possibility that he/she would also be divorced is obviously more. Also, the growing interference of other relatives in the private affairs of the spouses can be a reason for getting separated.
  • Incompatibility causes a separation. This may be in one or more of the following forms, which includes, moral, spiritual, physical and sexual.
  • If one spouse has an excellent moral history, he/she cannot continue to reside with a spouse who has been arrested for any crime and possibly incarcerated. Thus, criminal history is a valid cause for separation.
  • In recent years, one comes across cases where marriages have taken place between Europeans and Africans. Such people later realize that there are religious and cultural differences between them. In order to avoid clashes they opt to part ways.
  • Lust is an important reason for married couples to part from each other. Many love affairs stand on the basis of lust, not love. Post marriage, the real situation unfolds and the marriage crashes. The couple realizes that they are not made for each other.
  • After marriage, many men have to face unemployment. Women cannot tolerate to reside with a husband who cannot fulfill their requirements.
  • Several husbands treat their wives as a machine. For them, the wives do not possess independent personalities. They demonstrate no respect for the feelings and reactions of their wives. Such sexual abuse and mental harassment have damaged several marriages.
  • It may happen that the wife is richer than her husband and has a more influential position in the society. This situation creates a gap between the spouses. The husband feels that he is inferior to the wife and tries to show his ego. Mismanagement of this tussle culminates in a separation.
  • Addiction can be a huge reason for disputes between partners. Sometimes, addiction to the drugs or alcohol, leads to physical abuse of the other spouse. In such case, it is taken under marital fault basis.

Thus, these are the basic causes for legal separation in America. However, every couple may go through different situations. If the cause comes under the fault grounds provided by the law, it can be taken on at-fault basis. Otherwise, a couple can opt for a no-fault split.

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