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Law firm is the union of lawyers and attorneys who work together on various types of legal matters. The law firms are established by mutual co-ordination between two or more lawyers. Their work areas and specializations differ according to the knowledge and experience of the members. Divorce law firms are the organizations who focus their attention on divorce-related matters. Their main functions include, consulting clients about divorce cases, representing their clients in the court, issuing notices on behalf of the spouses and any other service relating to court procedure of divorce.

Work of Divorce Law Firm

The following issues are tackled in such a law firm.

  • Alimony:Alimony is kind of monitory help provided by the partner who is financially better than the other. It is an obligation that serves as a support to the other partner to attain further education and become self-dependent.
  • Division of marital property:It is often a disputable issue between partners, which required legal help to solve the issue satisfactorily.
  • Support for minor children:Minor children are the responsibility of the parents even after the divorce. The lawyers ensure that minor children get a secure future and sufficient care from their parents.
  • Visitation:The parent and grandparents who are not eligible for direct custody of child, may apply for visitation rights. The schedule of such visitation and concerning rules are formed with the help of attorneys.
  • Custody:Child custody is the crucial issue as it affects the future development of the children. The lawyers have to make sure that the best interests of the child are met through the court decision.

These law firms try their level best to resolve matters efficiently by one of the following ways.

  • A settlement agreement amongst the parties:If the parties are ready for mutual divorce, then the settlement agreement is submitted, which contains the terms of divorce.
  • A mediation agreement:he issues related to divorce can be solved with the help of a mediator and then, an agreement with mutual consent of the partners is formed by the lawyers.
  • A court trial:If both options mentioned above are not feasible due to extreme opposition from the parties, a contested divorce case is established. Here, the lawyers plays a vital role by presenting their clients in the court.

Law firms also look after the enforcement and / or modification of final orders, temporary orders and final judgments. These firms offer zealous and forthright representation and try to deliver a very high level of ethical conduct, honesty and professionalism. The firms take the assistance of professionals like the mental health specialist, investigators, financial advisors, child psychologists and specialists in forensic accounting as and when required.

The firms endeavor to provide meticulous attention to each case and thereby create a close working relation with each of the clients. It is believed within these organizations that family law disciplines like estate planning, custody and divorce are associated with crucial issues that have long-term impact on the lives of the clients. Hence, the employees of these organizations utilize their experience, discretion and supreme skill to deal with these cases.

Role of employees of Divorce Law Firms

The attorneys in such firms prepare copies of the financial paperwork like the retirement plans, investments, tax histories, assets and debts of the spouses. It is beneficial if the attorneys have copies of receipts of the expenditures of each spouse that have affected the economical position of the family. The clients must keep in mind that if the employees of the law firm have all the relevant data, then the outcome of the case would be better.

When the issues like child custody and child support are discussed in the court, there should be a close examination of the personal history, assets and behavior of both the spouses. It has been observed that asset distribution and custody are often subjective judgments as there is a margin for interpretation in the law. In this phase of the divorce process, the advice of divorce lawyers of the firm is very important. The guidance of these lawyers plays an important role in ascertaining an equitable settlement and safeguarding the individual interests of the divorcing partners.

In case of child custody cases, the divorce lawyers have to consider the following factors:

  • Degree of relation with either parents
  • History of care
  • Location
  • Emotional and mental stability
  • Employment
  • Economical status
  • Facilities in the house

This is a very tough and subjective process. As each case is unique, the attorneys have to deal with each case in a novel fashion.

After the divorce decree is granted by the court, the spouses enter a transition phase. During this phase, the services of the divorce law firms are invaluable as there may be a need to sell properties, residences or other assets to enable the property distribution. It is during this phase that child support and child custody guidelines are enforced and hence this is a difficult phase.

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