Alpha Center of Divorce Mediation

Mission of Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation

  • Encouraging wise choices for remarriages
  • Facilitating sensible divorces
  • Creating strong marriages

Pledge of Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation

  • The professionals of this organization possess knowledge that is not known to those who desire the services of this organization and the professionals can fulfill the requirements of who search for their help. However, these professionals do not regard themselves as superior or inferior to other people, but would involve in a relation of mutual respect
  • The employees of this organization take an oath to have an honest and forthright approach towards those who wish to take guidance from this organization. Such an approach has to be maintained even if it has a harmful effect on the organization
  • The organization vows to search for professionals of the highest standard of excellence to work in the organization and to offer excellent services and / or programs. The organization would continuously request and consider the feedback from those people who take advantage from their programs and services
  • The employees of this organization have an authentic concern and empathy regarding the wellbeing of the people who desire the guidance of the organization. In order to have a real understanding of the requirements of the people who approach the organization, the employees of this organization would hear continuously and carefully to what the people have to say
  • The Alpha professionals would adhere to the "platinum rule". As per this rule, these professionals would treat all those who approach them in the way these people wish to be treated

History of the organization

The Alpha Center was founded by Keila Gilbert, Esquire after a self experience with divorce proceedings. Her opinion regarding the self divorce was that there should have been a healthier and better way to divorce that would be of advantage to the divorcing partners as well as the family as a whole. Her major concern was the emotional well being of her children and the positive effects for the divorcing partners during the transition phase towards a new step in their lives.

Ms Gilbert was initially a teacher and later switched over to a legal career. In 2002, she made use of her teaching ability to develop some education programs pertaining to divorce that were pursued in community schools as well as some other organizations.

Ms Gilbert and other Alpha Center professionals worked together and developed education programs and resources with an aim of-

  • Saving marriages
  • Assisting people to make better remarriage and post divorce decisions

In order to decrease the negative effects of stresses in relations, valuable tools were developed to help human resource professionals, employee assistance organizations and therapists.

Locations of the Center

The Alpha Center has locations in Pennsylvania at-

  • Willow Grove
  • Newtown
  • Plymouth Meeting
  • Springfield
  • Philadelphia
  • Exton
  • King of Prussia
  • Doylestown
  • Bala Cynwyd
  • Allentown

In New Jersey at-

  • Roseland
  • Princeton
  • Marlton
  • Bridgewater

A new Center is to be started in New York. The aim of this organization is to have a nationwide service.

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