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Arkansas Divorce Mediation standards for Domestic relations

Training: The applicant must have attended -

  • A family mediation course; if it is completed out of the state, then the applicant must have completed the Commission's course on Arkansas Law for Mediators, or
  • 40 hours of basic mediation training and 20 hours of family mediation training dedicated completely to parenting or family mediation that is endorsed by the Commission, or
  • At least 40 hours in a family mediation training program that has been endorsed by the Commission

Education: The applicant must possess -

  • Considerable, demonstrated and satisfactory experience, abilities, skills and knowledge as a mediator, or
  • A juris doctorate or equivalent, or
  • Bachelor's degree and a graduate level certificate in conflict resolution from a law school, university or accredited college which has been endorsed by the Commission, or
  • A Master's Degree or higher, or
  • A Bachelor's degree along with minimum 2 years work experience in marriage and family issues

Practical Experience:

  • The applicant must have co-mediated, mediated or observed 2 domestic relations mediations
    • The co-mediations and observations must be done in this state along with an Arkansas ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution ) Commission certified mediator

Ethics: The applicant must -

  • Accept and adhere to the Requirements for the Conduct of Mediation and Mediators of the Arkansas ADR Commission
  • Be of good moral demeanor

Arkansas Divorce Mediation basic 40 hour training program

In the basic 40 hour training program, the following areas of information are covered -

  • Historical perspective of mediation
  • Important aspects of legislation that are relevant to the mediation practice
  • Difference between mediation and other types of dispute resolution
  • Theory of mediation inclusive of topics like definition, characteristics, benefits, types of mediators and mediation, difference in the role of arbitrators, mediators and judges
  • The court process involved in mediation, inclusive of
    • Pre-filing and post-filing mediation
    • Different disputes that may emerge in a specific variety of mediation program
    • Local procedures, laws and rules that govern a mediation program
    • Effects of mediation agreement and failure to reach an agreement
  • Mediation Process and techniques
  • Self awareness
  • Ethics
  • Basic knowledge of Arkansas legal system and procedures

Action against mediators

If a mediator contained in the Commission's Roster of Certified Mediators is found guilty of the following, then the Commission might take an adverse, disciplinary or other action against such a mediator or applicant -

  • Violation of the procedures or policies of a program overseen by the Commission
  • Violation of the "Requirements for the Conduct of Mediations and Mediators"
  • Violation of the "Requirements for the Certification of Mediators for Circuit Courts" of the Commission
  • Moral turpitude or threatened violence or violence or felony or any misdemeanor adversely affecting mediation
  • Gross misconduct, incompetence or negligence in the practice of mediation
  • Omission, material misrepresentation, deceit or fraud in any information offered to the Commission like the application to the Commission's Roster of Mediators

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