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From 1983 onwards, the Center has offered services to thousands of couples and families who are undergoing the divorce procedure. The current training and mediations offered by this Center is a result of this vast experience and the approach to divorce mediation.

Training Programs of the Center of Divorce Mediation

Basic and Advanced training courses in Divorce Mediation are being run by this Center since 1987. The ACR (Association of Conflict Resolution) has approved the Basic Training in Divorce Mediation of this Center (duration 42 hours) as Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Training (duration 40 hours). Those who complete this training may assume that they have partially fulfilled the requirements for Practitioner Membership in ACR. Domestic Violence issues are introduced in 2 hours in course of the Basic training. This is required by the ACR and the New York State Council on divorce mediation.

The Basic Training Program is generally conducted for 6 days (2 weekends). It has the following characteristics-

  • Complete introduction to theoretical and practical issues of divorce mediation
  • Theory and technique of mediation in divorce related disputes
  • The economic and legal issues of divorce
  • Overview of the emotional process of divorce

During this program, videotapes of real mediation sessions are shown. All the participants have equal opportunity to take part in simulation role-play exercises.

Supervised Practicum of the Center for Divorce Mediation

Those students who have completed the Basic Training can apply for the Practicum that has the duration of 60 hours. If the applicant has taken other mediation seminars, such an applicant would be considered, however those who have undergone the Basic Training of this Center are given more priority. The aim of the Practicum is to enhance the experience of the students regarding mediation. The students of the Practicum mediate divorcing couples in a secure environment. The faculty and other students observe this mediation through live video. Moreover, the mediation sessions are recorded on video and criticized in-depth subsequently.

Students of the practicum are divided into pairs. Each pair mediates minimum 1 couple up to conclusion. Each Practicum comprises of maximum 8 students so that a very productive ambience for growth is ensured. The mediation session conducted by one pair of students is observed by the remaining students. After the session is over, there is an analysis and critique of the session.

The Center believes that knowledge of theory without practice would not help the professional to provide mediation services to the public. So, practice is combined with theory to acquire a reasonable level of confidence and competence.

Requirements for Accreditation

In order to be accepted as an Advanced Practitioner Member of the ACR, the following conditions must be fulfilled.

  • Family mediation training of 60 hours, inclusive of-
    • Divorce mediation training of 40 hours
    • Domestic violence training of 2 hours
    • Case consultation with an ACR-accredited Advanced Practitioner for 4 hours
    • Workshops, Graduate courses, Case consultation inclusive of the Supervised Practicum of this Center for 20 hours
  • Submission of 2 agreements for acceptance as an Advanced Practitioner Member
  • Experience as a mediator for 2 years
  • 25 mediated cases
  • Face to face practice of 250 hours
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