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Heads of Cost of Divorce Mediation

  • Mediation Sessions

    Let the number of sessions required for mediation be 's' (average 3 to 5)
    Let the length of one session be 'l' hours (average 2 hours)
    Let the hourly rate be 'r' USD

    Then, the cost of mediation sessions = (s X l X r) USD

  • MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)

    In order to record the terms of the settlement, the mediator drafts a MoU. The average time required to develop a MoU is 2.5 hours.

    Then, the average cost of drafting MoU = (2.5 X r) USD

  • Consultations of lawyer (optional)

    Let the husband consult with the lawyer for 'h' hours
    Let the wife consult with the lawyer for 'w' hours
    Let the hourly rate of the husband's lawyer be 'l1' USD
    Let the hourly rate of the wife's lawyer be 'l2' USD

    Then, the total cost of consultations with lawyer = ( (h X l1) + (w X l2) ) USD

  • Miscellaneous professional fees (optional)

    Some examples of miscellaneous professional fees are real estate or pension appraisals.

    Let the hourly rate of the professional be 'a' USD
    Let the number of hours required by the professional to complete the work be 'b'

    Then, miscellaneous professional fees = (a X b) USD

  • Court Filing Fees : These are a fixed amount decided by each state

  • Marital Settlement Agreement

    The Marital Settlement Agreement is developed from MoU either by

    • Lawyer
    • Paralegal / Legal Document Assistant

    These fees are a fixed amount.

The total cost is a sum of all the above mentioned heads.

Cost of Divorce Mediation as per different plans

  • Prior to the first session, an administration charge is levied
  • In order to book a session, an advance payment ought to be made for the first hour and this is refundable
  • Each mediator decides that either party may cancel a scheduled session by intimating some days in advance (the number of days varies from one mediator to another). If any party engages in shorter notice cancelation, then an additional fee has to be paid

Pay As You Go Plan

This is a flexible plan that is an ideal choice for brief cases and cases in which the parties desire to gauge if mediation is suitable for them prior to switching for a package plan. There is minimum up-front expenditure in this plan.

Package Plan

If the parties desire to have a considerable discount on their mediation sessions as compared to the hourly rate of Pay As You Go Plan, then they may accept the Package Plan. The Express Package is made up of 3 2-hour sessions. It charges lesser money than (6 X hourly rate) product. The Plus Package is made up of 5 2-hour sessions. It charges lesser money than (10 X hourly rate) product. In a package, if the sessions remain unused, then refunds are available.

Refund amount = (Cost of the package) - (Number of hours needed for mediation X Hourly rate)

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