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Role of Divorce Mediation Attorneys

These attorneys are trained in ADR (Alternative Divorce Resolution) techniques. The divorcing parties hire these attorneys to have a series of discussions and meetings to identify and resolve issues like-

  • Property division
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Child custody

It is the duty of these attorneys to utilize self knowledge and experience to assist both the divorcing parties to develop a settlement agreement out of the state and federal judicial system. If the divorcing parties reach such an agreement, then these attorneys produce the agreement in written form. It is the responsibility of these lawyers to ensure that the parties understand the terms of the agreement before signing it. After the signatures of the parties are made, the lawyer submits the agreement to the Court for approval.

If the mediator is a lawyer, such a mediator is not supposed to offer legal advice to the divorcing parties. If the mediator is not a lawyer, then he has no knowledge regarding the legal aspect of the divorce. Thus, in both cases, the divorcing parties procure no information regarding the legal aspect of the divorce from the mediator. In such a scenario, the divorcing parties can approach an attorney to gather data regarding the legal aspects of their case. In some states, the lawyer can accompany the divorcing party to the mediation session. It is the duty of the lawyer in such cases, to guide their party regarding the laws pertaining to their specific case.

Advantage of hiring Divorce Mediation Attorneys

As an attorney has full knowledge regarding the divorce laws of the state, the attorney can immediately understand whether the divorcing parties are coming up with solutions that are within the legal framework of the state. When the divorcing parties are going astray, the lawyer can suggest some alternatives that are close to the solution developed by the parties as well as adhering to the divorce laws of the state. In this way, the parties are benefited if they hire a lawyer as a mediator.

Assistance of a lawyer

One ought to understand the difference between knowledge of the rights of an individual and the ability to safeguard the rights in the Court. A lawyer who is backed by legal experience is generally familiar with a number of efficient methods that give an assurance that the individual is treated fairly.

Terminating the marital status is a highly emotional condition for a majority of people. These emotions interfere with the process of decision making. Even if a person is conversant with family law, managing a self divorce case is a real challenge. In such circumstances, a lawyer is able to offer a calm and levelheaded guidance which is very useful.

During a divorce process, several queries and questions sprout up in the minds of the divorcing couple regarding what steps they should take. A lawyer can always provide crucial tips to the divorcing couple based on the lawyer's experience of other similar cases.

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