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If a mediator can display a formal divorce mediation certificate, only then this mediator can be regarded as an expert divorce mediator. It is advisable that divorcing couples who have opted for divorce mediation should be on the lookout for a certified divorce mediator.

Several people are of the opinion that any person without any formal knowledge can mediate. However, this is erroneous. Good mediators are those who possess a divorce mediation certificate.

Types of Divorce Mediation Certification

Different types of training are offered by divorce mediation institutes. There are basic courses and these introduce a person to the divorce mediation process. The advanced courses deal with how to solve divorce issues like alimony, property distribution, child custody, child support etc. Institutes also provide certificates regarding psychological counseling of the divorcing couple. So, certified mediators are adroit in managing the psychological hang ups of the divorcing parties. The mediators encourage such parties to reach a fair compromise. Only a trained mediator knows the knack to manage the divorcing parties tactfully and ascertain that they are progressing towards a peaceful settlement.

Qualities of mediator developed by Divorce Mediation Certification

A mediation training that is reasonably good develops a mediator not only as a facilitator but also as a good evaluator. The background is that a mediator must be a skilled facilitator who smoothens the progress of a reasonable and good settlement between the divorcing couple. At the same time, this mediator has to evaluate the disposition of the participants of the mediation session and pay attention to the fact that any participant is not dominating the others on way to an unfair agreement. Also, the mediation training should offer knowledge regarding the legalities pertaining to divorce. It must be ensured that the mediator is exposed to family and divorce laws. Appropriate mediation training also ascertains that the mediator is skilled in counseling.

Some courses in divorce mediation offer specialized knowledge regarding areas like spousal support, property distribution, child custody etc. If a particular divorce case has a major problem in one specified area, then the divorcing couple may accost a specialist mediator.

Criteria while selecting courses of divorce mediation

People from mediation background or family lawyers are particularly suited for Divorce Mediation Certifications. Generally, these certifications are crash or short term courses as they are designed for individuals possessing an aligned background. However, care should be taken that such courses are attended in reputed institutes. Moreover, the courses must be approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution. In some courses, there is hands-on training that enables the mediators to efficiently work with divorcing parties.

Why the number of certifying institutes is increasing?

As the days are passing by, more and more people are opting the method of mediation to settle divorces. The reason of doing so is that mediation results in saving of money, time and decreases emotional upheaval. As the demand for divorce mediation services is increasing, more and more institutes are introducing divorce mediation certification.

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