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The mediation services for divorce is conducted by a mediator, who is a neutral third party and who assists the parties in discussing and negotiating all topics related to the divorce. This service is-

  • Without any prejudice
  • Voluntary
  • Confidential

It has been observed that mediation services enhance communication amongst the divorcing parties and assist in building the future in the new circumstances. Specifically, it is beneficial for children as it helps them to maintain family relations.

Topics for divorce mediation services

  • Education
  • Care of older relatives
  • Re-establishing contact
  • Wills and probate
  • Settling of debts
  • Endowments / pensions
  • Sharing possessions
  • Property
  • Holiday arrangements
  • Finance
  • Child support
  • Maintenance
  • Communication
  • Parenting
  • Residence of children
  • Contact arrangements

Characteristics of Divorce mediation services

  • There is a secure and neutral environment in which issues are discussed
  • This results in a constructive and organized process
  • The divorcing parties get a chance to create a lasting agreement for the future
  • The services enable several options to the divorcing parties to explore
  • The services are impartial

What is not provided during these services?

  • Decisions
  • Therapy or Counseling
  • Legal Advice

Benefits of these services

  • As legal expenses are maintained at a minimum level, so the money of divorcing parties is saved
  • As the time required for these services is less as compared to other processes, the stress of a lengthy legal procedure is avoided
  • As there is flexibility, it is possible to negotiate unique solutions to suit each specific case
  • The process becomes simple, straightforward and informal
  • The services assist the divorcing parties to recognize the real issues and proceed with them in a fair and open way
  • The future relations between the divorcing parties are certainly more improved. It becomes possible for them to make a new start and move forward

Factors affecting services

  • The number and complexity of issues that are to be resolved
  • The individual circumstances of the divorcing parties
  • Flexibility of the divorcing parties about days and times for using these services

These mediation services are offered in what are termed as "mediation sessions". As a consequence of the above mentioned factors, the average number of mediation sessions for a usual case is between 3 and 5, assuming that each session is of 2 hours. In case a party is attending a session from out of town, then a 4 hour or longer session can be arranged. On the other hand, the service is made more affordable by scheduling shorter sessions. When parenting plans are discussed, generally 2 to 4 sessions are required. If property or other financial issues are mediated, it has been observed that 2 to 6 sessions are needed. Offering this service becomes easier and is essential for less duration in the following circumstances-

  • When the divorcing parties have a mutual interest in resolving their issues cooperatively
  • The situation is not very complex
  • When the divorcing parties have gathered all the data essential for making decisions

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