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Results of Divorce Mediation Training

  • Skill to help the divorcing parties in identifying the issues to be included in the discussion during the mediation sessions
  • Capability to screen for correctness of mediation, inclusive of ability and knowledge to screen for domestic violence and if domestic violence or its potential is identified then being aware of correct responses regarding it
  • Knack to contract for mediation services
  • Knowledge of literature and current research and theories related to conflict and its resolution and the relevance of these topics to divorce mediation
  • Skill to explain mediation in the dispute resolution context and the role of a mediator in the mediation sessions
  • Knowledge of what experience, skills and supervision might be essential for successful mediation practice and the method to obtain it
  • Capacity to understand when the help of other professionals might be helpful in the mediation process and making an arrangement for the discussion of these professionals with the parties
  • Awareness of standards of practice and resolution of ethical issues
  • Knowledge of concepts of neutrality and mediator influence
  • Acquaintance with conflict management skills
  • Knack of facilitating problem solving amongst the parties particularly in the following fields-
    • Tax filing
    • Insurance
    • Division of liabilities / assets
    • Support
    • Parenting
  • Skill to make communication amongst the parties easier by employing skills like reforming, active listening etc
  • Capability to build a constructive process and a working relation with the parties
  • Capacity to handle the substantive data met with in the divorce mediation
  • Knowledge of the effects of divorce in divorce mediation for children and adults

Who can offer Divorce Mediation Training?

  • A current Advanced Practitioner of the Family Section of ACR (Association of Conflict Resolution)
  • One having past experience as a presenter in relevant courses, seminars and workshops
  • In the past 2 years, must have mediated in minimum 20 family cases

It is desirable but not compulsory to have active involvement in the field like participation in continuing education opportunities or service in local councils etc.

The applicant must submit the following-

  • Proof of mediation and presentation experience
  • Minimum twenty completed evaluation forms related to the past 30 or 40 hour divorce trainings
  • A video or audio cassette of 30 minutes duration of a 30 or 40 hour divorce training that has been offered by the applicant in the past

Schedule of the training

The 30 hour training program must be spread over minimum 4 days while the 40 hour training program must be spread over minimum 5 days. Every day there must be training of minimum 3 hours. If the training duration during a single day is 6 hours or more, a meal break of 30 minutes and other breaks for 30 minutes must be included. During both the 30 and 40 hour training programs, there must be minimum 6 hours of role play. The small role plays consist of 4 or lesser members and large role plays comprise of 5 or more members.

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