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Searching for Divorce Mediators

A reasonable location to search for divorce mediators is ACR or Association of Conflict Resolution. This association is inclusive of AFM (Academy of Family Mediators). A mediator must fulfill the following conditions to become a Practitioner member of AFM-

  • Completion of minimum 100 hours of face-to-face family mediation in minimum 10 varied cases
  • Completion of 2 hours of domestic violence awareness training
  • Completion of 20 hours of continuing training every 2 years
  • Completion of minimum 60 hours of family mediation training, inclusive of either a 30 hour or a 40 hour family mediation course

Now, it can be seen why ACR is the right place to begin the search for mediators. Another method is to request someone to recommend a mediator. Human nature plays an important role here. One will notice that a lawyer recommends another lawyer, an experienced divorce lawyer recommends another experienced divorce lawyer, a marriage counselor recommends another marriage counselor and so on.

One more way to search mediators is in the Yellow Pages under the heading of Mediation or Divorce Counseling.

Questions to ask Divorce Mediators

The divorcing couple must ask the prospective mediator the below mentioned questions in order to get a feel of the approach of the mediator towards their issues.

  • Suppose we fail to reach an agreement in the mediation, what is the next step?
  • What is the approximate duration required for our mediation?
  • Will you mediate all the disputed issues in our case or do you advise that we approach somebody else regarding some issues?
  • What is your style of mediation?
  • In the past, have you mediated cases identical to ours?
  • Is a retainer compulsory?
  • How much money do you charge?
  • Other than your time, are there other charges like for developing a memorandum?

Types of mediators


When a lawyer plays the role of a mediator, usually the caucus-style of mediation is employed. The mediator asks the husband and his lawyer to wait in one room while the wife and her lawyer in another room. Then, the mediator shuttles between these rooms. When there is a past of domestic violence, this method is the best.

Christian fundamentalists

The omnipresent intention of Christian fundamentalists is to save the marriage. So, when they become mediators, they look at mediation sessions as a step towards saving the marriage. Finally, they unwillingly supervise negotiations regarding how the divorce would take place. The divorcing couple must ask the mediator whether the approach is to save the marriage or assist in getting divorced.


When therapists work as mediators, they are result-oriented, compassionate and sensitive. Some of the best mediators were therapists in the past. However, some of them have one drawback. During the mediation session, they engage in long discussions with the participants regarding the participant's feelings and how the participant reached this stage.


There are very few examples of people who were accountants in the past and then became mediators. Such accountants focus on their forte - tax and financial issues. As a majority of couples who decide to divorce mainly argue about their money, such a switch of profession cannot be considered inappropriate.

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