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A large number of counties in this state are in need of a "good faith" effort by divorcing parties to undergo the process of mediation and come to an agreement. However, it is not implied that the parties have to be coerced to accede. These couples are advised to find their own solution prior to approaching the Court.

The Civil Court system is overburdened by the number of cases that are being registered per year. Due to this, the popularity of the alternative called mediation is increasing. This is being specifically noticed in case of divorce cases. The expenditure and time linked with the use of a mediator is very enticing when compared with the loss of decision making and the economical onus of litigations.

Requirements in Georgia Divorce Mediation

The Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution registers persons as mediators. This office has stern educational requirements. The applicants must have completed the following to be registered as a domestic mediator-

  • A B.A. or B.S. degree
  • General or Civil Mediation training
  • Completion of an approved Domestic Mediation training program
  • Practical experience of observation and co-mediation of actual disputes

It is highly advisable that the applicant must have completed the following-

  • Participation in an in-depth Domestic Violence educational workshop

Avenues in Georgia Divorce Mediation

In this state, there are 2 avenues to mediation-

  • Private Mediation
  • Court Referred Mediation

Prior to filing the conflict in the Court, if a mediator is hired by the splitting couple, then it is called as Private Mediation. People often attempt to have an agreement through the services of a mediator prior to the beginning of the lawsuit. During this type of mediation, if an agreement is created and the parties make their signature on it, then it becomes legally binding on them to adhere to the agreement. In the future, in case this agreement is broken, this document becomes a proof of a broken contract in the Civil Court.

After the conflict has entered the Court system, if a mediator is hired, then it is called as Court Referred Mediation. To assist parties to solve their issues prior to the hearing of the case, several counties in this state have constructed "Alternative Dispute Resolution Offices." Similar to Private Mediation, it is legally compulsory for the parties to observe the terms of the agreements. The dismissals of the case are dependent on satisfaction of the terms of the contract.

Process of Mediation

A Georgia divorce mediator, the husband and the wife sit in a room. The mediator permits each party to speak out their opinion regarding the issues of quarrel. Frequently, it has been seen that both parties are represented by their respective divorce lawyers. After both the parties finish disclosing their opinions, the mediator requests them to sit in separate rooms. The mediator negotiates with the husband and the wife, one by one. In the process, the mediate has to shuffle from one room to other. This process continues till an agreement is reached.

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