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Selection of a divorce mediator in Idaho Divorce Mediation

The following issues must be pondered upon while selecting a divorce mediator-

  • In this state, any person can hang a board that he or she is a mediator. It must be ensured that the person has undergone an approved training program of AFM (Academy of Family Mediators). The duration of the basic divorce mediation training is 40 hours. In addition to this, the practitioners of the AFM boast of the following-
    • Advanced training of 60 hours
    • Work with an approved consultant for at least 4 hours
    • Every 2 years, education credits of minimum 20 hours
  • AFM has General members and Practitioner members. The latter have the experience of minimum 250 hours and have mediated in minimum 25 cases. If one wishes to ensure a level of competence, the selection must be confined to practitioner members
  • Mediators frequently are busy in divorce cases, business disputes and community conflicts. While handling divorce cases, there are certain critical issues which need a specific level of knowledge. The divorcing parties must be confident that the mediator has sufficient experience with divorce mediation
  • The divorcing parties can request the prospective mediator to offer some references (lawyers, mediators or therapists) who can guarantee the prospective mediator's abilities. Any mediator will not disclose the names of the former clients as references as mediation is confidential
  • Can the prospective mediator be regarded as an authority regarding mediation? This can be judged by proof of-
    • Writing of any articles
    • Serving on any association boards
    • Training other mediators
    • Making some speeches on mediation
  • The style of the mediator
    • Facilitative style in which the mediator empowers the divorcing parties frequently to make their own choices after discussion and skillful interrogation
    • Highly directive style in which the mediator offers concrete proposals for solving issues
  • Fees of the mediator - The divorcing parties should compare the fees of various mediators in the region. It is usually found that-
    • Mediators charge payments for each session
    • A few take a retainer up front
    • A Flat fee is levied to prepare the Memorandum of Understanding
  • Is a free consultation offered by the Mediator? This is a good opportunity to become conversant with the process
  • Can the mediator offer some materials like overview of divorce in Idaho, specific data regarding the mediator, brochure, issues discussed in divorce mediation etc? These materials are indicative of the quality of the mediator. It is implied that if the materials are well put, relevant and instructive, so will be the mediator and vice versa

Role of lawyers in Idaho Divorce Mediation

The Memorandum of Understanding is prepared by the mediator. It is a good practice that the lawyers of both the parties should review this document prior to the signatures of the divorcing parties. This process ensures that any legal oversights that have occurred during mediation can be amended. The divorcing parties can get a roster of mediation-friendly lawyers from their mediator. The lawyer must safeguard the parties from legal lapses without weakening the decision to mediate.

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