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Support team for Michigan Divorce Mediation

If the participants of mediation are supported by apt professionals, the possibility of success of mediation increases. The mediator is knowledgeable and trained but cannot play the role of a financial advisor or mental health advisor or legal advisor. These professionals form the support team for mediation.


Those who choose to undergo mediation must be fully aware of their legal rights. There are several lawyers who support mediation and play the role of a coach to the participants. The lawyer learns about the complete circumstances of the participant and provides advice regarding the available options and how strong the different legal arguments are for the particular condition. During the entire mediation process, the participant can remain in touch with the lawyer irrespective of whether the lawyer is present or absent at the mediation. At the close of the mediation, if any written agreement is created, then the lawyer reviews it before the signature is made to provide an assurance to the participant that the agreement contains the terms the participant believes he or she has acceded to. Eventually, the lawyer translates the binding agreements to apt court orders.

Other professionals-

Other than lawyers, the mediator works in harmony with financial specialists, child development specialists and mental professionals.

Why a divorcing party should select Michigan Divorce Mediation?

  • Divorce is an extremely stressful issue. Knowledge leads to minimization of stress and this is exactly gained in mediation. There is an opportunity to know where the partner accedes and where disagrees and thus where it is essential to toil hard to build solution and understanding
  • Mediation saves expenses. People have often to return to the Courts after divorce is granted to alter the terms or enforce them. Mediation ensures that people know and understand the points they have agreed to and in this way decreases the long term expenses
  • Mediation enables participants to quickly understand the topics where they already agree and where they need to devote time to reach an agreement. Also, at an early stage in the divorce process, the participants locate topics where more data is required and thus can work more efficiently towards an agreement. By these ways, Mediation saves time
  • When any personal information is revealed during a lawsuit in the Court it becomes an issue of public record and there is a huge possibility that it can become known to an important individual (like, children, family members etc). However, the information disclosed during mediation is confidential
  • The assessment made by the Judge is very general and moreover, the Judge has to adhere to specific principles of law while making decisions. In Mediation, the participant can form a creative agreement that is applicable and compatible to the personal situation. This permits the participant to make the best of the personal circumstances
  • If mediation is begun early, the result is a peaceful conflict resolution. The mediator creates a respectful ambience in which each participant can voice self opinions and make thoughtful decisions

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