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Will Missouri Divorce Mediation be successful?

The following issues decide whether mediation would be successful or otherwise-

  • If one partner thinks that the other partner is a good parent, then the partners can discuss what are the best interests of their children and make the mediation successful
  • If one of the partners is addicted to alcohol or drugs, this impacts the capacity to think clearly and make apt decisions. The behavior of this partner may go out of control sometimes and due to all these reasons, the mediation might not be successful
  • When physical violence is not a part of the relation of the divorcing couple, they can maintain a cool temper during the mediation and retain a level playing field
  • For a successful mediation, one should not be intimidated by the partner. If one is scared of the other partner, then speaking for self and negotiating the self agreement becomes a tough job. Obviously, the mediator is there to assist the partners, but there is a need of a minimum level of self-confidence
  • Mediation is for those who can keep their emotional reactions in control and disagree with the other partner without performing any action or saying any thing that has to be regretted later
  • During the marital status, if the partners have not spoken lies with each other regarding important issues, then the partners assume that the other is sincere and truthful during mediation. If not, they feel the need of a lawyer to verify facts
  • When the partners have a complete knowledge about the financial situation like joint finances, then they experience more comfort while discussing the economical situation
  • It is very important that one partner does not blame the other partner entirely for the separation or it would be very difficult to adjust with each other during the mediation

One-sided and Mutual Missouri Divorce Mediation

In some cases, both the partners conclude at more or less the same time that they should end their relationship and opt for mediation. In such a case, both the partners find it easy to reach a settlement. An opposite scenario is seen when the decision is one-sided. In this case, when one partner has finalized that mediation is essential, the other partner is not prepared or in some cases opposed to this idea. Due to this condition, when one partner makes any request to move along this process, the other partner does not co-operate. With the passage of time, this condition generally changes. So, in one-sided decisions, time becomes an important factor.

Animosity towards the partner

If one partner has animosity for the other partner, the process of mediation could be weakened. There are two solutions for this problem. Firstly, prior to the mediation, this partner must approach a counselor to check this animosity. The second way is that a mediator would have to be found who conducts separate meetings for the partners. By this method, there is no need for the partners to deal directly with each other.

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